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  2. So, no monthly fee games?
    Try out Guild Wars, or, if you're PC can handle it, Guild Wars 2 which just came out(and look BEAUTIFUL by the way, even though I haven't the chance to play it cause my PC is shit).
    Guild Wars is an amazing MMO, and all you have to do is buy the game, and the expansions(if you want the expansions)and that's it. Install it, and no monthly fees, and the game looks great and plays on pretty shitty PC's as well.
    If you have any questions on it before you buy, just ask. I've gotten pretty far on the game.
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    I've heard of that game, a few of my friends play it and they seem to enjoy it. I might give it a try one day because it looks like it could be fun. Know any others?
  4. Defiance and The Secret World are supposed to be pretty good and neither requires a monthly fee.
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great MMO that's free.
  6. GW2 is awesome and for a one time purchase game with no monthly fee its the best MMO out at the moment, Neverwinter night online beta is out and thats not too bad for a F2P game. Final fantasy realm reborn MMO is also on the way.
  7. What ever thing you do stay away from wow
  8. GW2 probably is the only decent mmo on the market right now. 
    Or you could try TERA if you can download the massive client. IMO Rift is so over-rated, stale as shit WoW style combat.
    ATM I'm waiting for Wildstar, if that fails ESO, and if that fails everquest next, if that fails, GW2 will probably have an expansion out by I try all those 3 so I'll go back to GW2
  9. I'd wait for elder scrolls online
  10. I'm waiting for Everquest Next, if thats a bust then i'm probably done with MMOs for a while. ESO doesnt interest me, not a fan of the series.
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    Wildstar is very promising looking and from the NCSoft team which is Guild wars 2 so its going to be good.
    ^^Watch the whole wildstar video, they give you a lot of good information and gameplay video coverage, the game looks like its going to be amazing, will be a nice change of pace vs typical knights med-evil adventures of which we are so accustom.
    ESO is going to be a turd end of story,

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