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Vodka Vs. Beer

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cheating Death, May 11, 2010.

  1. Oh No No No. Its Possible. Its Homemade. We Lit It On Fire To It Was Awesome.
  2. [​IMG]

    on the rox beats the hell out of a beer anyday imo.
  3.'s not possible.

    I love both, beer more to relax, vodka to get loose...

    Depends on the situation I guess
  4. Right now I'm fairly smashed off of beer and vodka, so in my current state I'd most definitely have to say both lol
  5. Beer. Its more social for me. I associate it with "drinking with the guys." (I'm a chick) And I prefer drinking with the guys to drinking with the other girls. Its just more fun.
    And I never choose vodka. I prefer rum. Spiced Rum. Captains.
  6. Vodka is my favorite liquor but I like drinking beer more. I get too fucked up, too fast with vodka. You know what they say, liquor goes quicker!
  7. Nothing beats having a 40 and a blunt hand in hand haha.
  8. gonna need a whole boat load of both tonight ;)
  9. i'd say vodka because theres more variability with it. all sorts of mixed drinks you can make, you can combine it with other alcohol, you dont have to drink a lot to feel good (a few shots compared to like 6 12 oz beers).

    only thing is, vodka on a hot day makes you feel like shit.
  10. I answered this a while ago, but since then I've had quite a few summer party nights. I have to say that its a tie for me. I love beer for chilling and while smoking, but there are just some times when I really feel like taking shots.
  11. Jose Cuervo Especial. Perfect drink for a warm night in the southwest. Me and the girl are going stargazing tonight on "my mesa." We also have some really really good weed. Mapleberry and NY Diesel. T-Break is over. So we have a 5th of Cuervo chilling in the fridge to help celebrate.
  12. I black out when I drink Vodka/Rum(My fave hard liquor, other thank Jack of course)but beer for me, get some reg, roll a shitload of j's and feel like smoking all night while I'm drinking.
  13. i shit you not , it takes me about 24 beers to even start buzzin hard or about half a bottle of russian vodka straight or the full bottle straight to thre face to get drunk. but thats cause ive been drinking since i was 15 and now im 26 im 6'2 and 210 lbs lmao.... thats why i drink a shitton of Jagermeister (the best fuckin liquor ever!) or 151
  14. Vodka was my thing for a long time. I've moved onto rum.


  15. dude buzzin off the vodka...... and the patron mmmmmmmmmm
    but seriously the everclear with hash is a fuckin journey. i took 10 shots and met the porcelin queen. fruckin insane black dragon........... gotta get my shit str8, work @ 5am. HAHa i love my life, cant feel shit workin my 9 to 5, while im smokin bowls.
  16. If I want to get drunk then Vodka is faster and cheaper, and most of the time I wont wake up with a hangover. Beer on the other hand is better for losing that edge but still staying with it for the most part.
  17. Depends on how I am feeling

    But Sports = Beer

    Anything else = Both, erm or however I am feeling...only drink jack tho really ...

    My favorite beer> My favorite mixed drink
  18. man, I don't know.

    i like both ..beers are fun to chill with especially when you're drunchin and drinking it's fucking best.

    and vodka just tastes good. period.

  19. $20 will get you a 30 pack of beer whereas as $20 will get you about a fifth. Beer is much cheaper.
  20. Ouch, those prices are terrible. Around here, a 30 of beer is around $16, and a 1.75 L of decent vodka can be found for about $11.

    But then, it is Wisconsin...

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