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Vodka Vs. Beer

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cheating Death, May 11, 2010.

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    I usually prefer beer, but sometimes I just want to get drunk quickly. I like beer especially for parties because I can drink all night, play games and stuff and not get too wasted. If I'm going to pre-game something, then hell ya, vodka all the way. Me and two friends went to this little amusement fair near where we live and we killed a bottle of grey goose in about a half hour, pretty much all of the carnies knew we were toasted:laughing:
  2. I like beer for parties, vodka for everything else.
  3. If you knew anything about alcohol you would not have posted this...

    Also, please stop capitalizing every word.
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    Ahaha this is great. You little partier, you.

    What were you doing in the bathroom naked? Drinking more 250 proof moonshine? Hellzyea!

  5. I can't stand Vodka, the smell, the taste, everything about it makes me nauseous. Hand me a handle of Rum and I'll down that thing though.

    But if it was vodka or beer, I'd choose a good dark ale.

  6. im 18 and about to ask a stupid question, whats RUM or the difference from vodka
  7. Both are liquors usually around 80 proof (40% ethanol).

    Rum is traditionally distilled using sugar or molasses, and aged in oak barrel resulting in many impurities that give it the rum flavor.

    Vodka is usually distilled from potatoes, or other similar flavorless starches. It has very little impurities. A top shelf vodka will have very little or zero impurities.
  8. Rum is distilled from Sugarcane and sugarcane byproducts, mostly because they had an abundance of that in Central and South America.

    Vodka however, is distilled from almost any starch-rich plant, like all sorts of grains, grapes, potatoes, rice, etc.

    Imo Vodka has more of a chemical taste, which is why I can't stand it. Rum is sweeter, and just has a better taste and smell to it imo.
  9. neither!

    whiskey and rum for the win, i love both! vodka smells like rubbing alcohol and tastes what i would imagine rubbing alcohol to taste like (not to say i wont drink it of course). beer is alright, i dont like drinking it to get drunk because it requires so much, plus i prefer the taste of dark liquor to beer anyways.
  10. Exactly what I think, about the rubbing alcohol part! That's why it makes me so nauseous.
  11. Beer beats vodka in my book.

    Although i do love a glass of Grey Goose and pink lemonade while sitting in the summer sun every now and again.
  12. 250 proof beer is my favorite. That's a no brainer. Duh.

    But I never drink vodka or gin unless they're mixed into a foo-foo drink I buy on a cruise ship or something. Bourbon, Tequila, Rum, almost anything else has it's time and place.
  13. beer is the best I enjoy the taste more
  14. Beer = not black out drunk but stomach full of it.

    Vodka= awesome, can get sick to easily
  15. Beer= hot day, nice cold beer to chill with

    Vodka= just wanna get fucked up
  16. Anyone like wine?

    Riesling is yummy.
  17. I. Love. Wine. Soooo nice with a good big dinner.
  18. enjoying both tonight
  19. I don't really drink much but when I do I love vodka. You can utilize it for so many drinks, it's awesome. Beer I'm not really a fan of but I'll drink Bud Light or Henny :/ I usually go for the fruity yummy drinks though lol.
  20. I like both, more so vodka to get faded. I usually don't drink cocktails, just yummy shots.

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