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Vodka Vs. Beer

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cheating Death, May 11, 2010.

  1. its more of an acquired taste. one day, you will most likely find a drink you like, and from that drink, other drinks will start to taste better and better

    at least thats how it was with me. was never a huge fan of beer, but one summer while in london visiting my dad, we were at a local pub and he ordered me a john smiths extra smooth, and i fell in love, and ever since that one beer, all other beer pretty much grew on me, and now, i pretty much will drink it if its a beer
  2. By the way, in Russia they sometimes add vodka to beer, calling this kind of cocktail "yorsh". I do not know exactly what they mean as "yorsh" in Russian is a word for 1) a fish which is called a "ruff" in English, 2) a wire brush for cleaning kitchenware :confused:
  3. Vodka is the one liquor that I don't like...its decent with fruit juice or in very few mixed drinks. I like my booze to have some flavor other than alcohol lol

    Dont get me started on that shit!

    No joke, I once met an 80 year old Austrian who literally lived off of beer. His recepie was at least 2 liters per day with some bread every now and then. Surprisingly enough, he was in amazing condition for his age and a very respected member of the city. He firmly believed that a decent brew has all of nutritional value that one needs. I think he was on to something...

    If that's not proof of beer's superiority to other forms of alcohol, then I dont know what is! :D
  4. Everbeer is the best. get drunk on 2 tall cans. just drink a couple drinks from each can and fill with everclear.
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    I'll take beer over straight liquor any day of the week. I do agree about it being filling. I get quite full off of beer. If I'm not drinking 3 or more, usually I don't bother. One does nothing and I only feel two a little. Starts to pick up around 3. I'm content with just 3 but generally I don't drink if I know it will only be one or two.

    Now Vodka... I don't care if I come off as a pussy. Mixing it 50/50 with apple juice and cinnamon is good stuff. It taste good and I can get drunk without drinking as much.

    I think I'd take Vodka(mixed) over beer just because it's less filling. Beer definitely taste better than straight though.
  6. have you tried higher end liquors? Im not talking 100 a bottle, i just mean not 10 for a fifth. I thought liquors were gross when i was in high school and since ive been at college for a couple years now ive learned that its not all just about chuggin 151 or everclear to get fucked up, its time to savor the flavor ya know? its pretty weak, but i could sip on some disaronno(sp?), bombay sapphire with tonic and grenadine, pretty much any whiskey and coke all day long. for just straight vodka, i have to go with the classic grey goose, very smooth, almost too smooth, it just tastes like water to me, which can lead to bad nights haha. For beers, Apricot Hefeweisen, or Pale Ale's (Rolling Rock specifically is my favorite)
  7. I would have to agree.
  8. Had some great times with this combo!

    If you want to be extremely hard core, do it with a 40
  9. i love both, but i'll be taking a break from vodka after killing a 750ml bottle the other night. . . oops
  10. ever since i fell flat on my face after drinking a whole small bottle of everclear i have not drank since..Like seriously 10 minutes after i drank bam flat on my face in front of an ice cream place with little kids at it and old people and shit,Friend had it on video.
    But i really enjoy Dark Beer..Mainly Heineken ..I hate that bullshit light beer's has no taste to me.

  11. since when is Heineken a dark beer?

  12. Beer is good if you just hangin out. but if your with 10+ people at a party or wherever, then hard liquor. I need about 20 beers to get drunk. And maybe a few shots to feel 10x better than drinking 20 beers.
  13. Honestly, for me alcohol is a mind set.

    Vodka is for when I'm out and i'm socializing trying to get at those college chicks. When I'm on my beer shit, I'm usually kickin back, takin with my crew and bullshitin while smokin a J. I like beer cause it makes me piss so much which is good if I have a pending drug test coming to me at work.

    Vodka on the other hand I gotta say I love cause just before i'm bout to jump outside on a cold winter day that shit get my blood hotter than all hell.
  14. I drink Absolut Mandrin like it was water :yummy:
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    apples & oranges
  16. I don't really like drinking that much. I like being drunk, but I hate hangovers. However, I'd rather drink a few shots of vodka than drink a beer.
  17. Liquor gets me drunker quicker :rolleyes:
  18. Vodka All The Way. I Prefer Any Kind Of Liqour. Im A Partier Lol. I Like Drinking More Than Smoking. Beers Jus Nasty And Its Too Much For My Tiny Stomach Hahaha. But All Together Moonshine Hellll Yeas! I Once Took A Shot Of 250 Proof Moonshine And I Was Drunk Before The Party Started That Night We Drank Soo Much Alcohol. They Found Me In The Bathroom Naked Hahahaha.

  19. u sure ur not mistaken as 250 proof would be impossible to make as 200 proof is 100% alcohol and by that, 250 proof would be 125% alcohol:confused:

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