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Vodka Vs. Beer

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cheating Death, May 11, 2010.

  1. don't really have a true favorite scotch, but i do find myself picking up a bottle of highland park 12 year more than most. usually runs $40-50 a bottle, and for the price its pretty good. i was at my fathers the past weekend and i we were drinking some Macallan 25 year single malt, and wow, that stuff was amazing.... till he told me the bottle was $600, haha, needless to say, i didnt take another cup when he offered

    for blended scotch, i usually pick up gold label when its on sale at costco, in those coupon books they send out they have $10 off coupons fairly often

    i never got the whole mixing scotch or bourbon with a little water to bring out the full flavor and not to use ice cubes, but my father swears by it, and i trust him when it comes to drinks.

    come to think of it, its 5 pm here, time to pour a drink. gonna go with some stolichnaya elite on some ice now :)
  2. Beer is probably going to be the winner for me, but there is this kind of cheap liquor called Blue Wave. By far the best drink for shots, it just tastes so good by itself! But vodka wise, Vladimir is some good stuff for the price :)
  3. Beer and vodka can't be compared. Beer is just something you can sit a drink, like soda or apple juice. Vodka is shit you need when your gonna be partyin. That shit gets you drunk.
  4. I've never been a huge fan of blended scotch, especially the high end stuff. If I'm gonna drop that kind of money for a good bottle I prefer the singles. I don't do the water either. Once in a while I will put ice but usually just sip it straight, chilled in the fridge for a bit.

    Vodka on the rocks? Ughhhh! I like my vodka but for God sake gimme a shot. I dont wanna sip it no matter how good it is.
  5. Probably should be in Pandora's Box.

    - But, I'd have to say Beer anyday. For more controllable drunk and I don't get the spins like I do with hard liquor.

    Lagers, Trappists, anything with good, hearty flavor.
  6. In my opinion you cannot compare them like that because they are two different kinds of beverage, however beer gets me in a hell of a lot less trouble than vodka does.
  7. Sipping Ketel One, one the rocks or straight, is one of my favorite drinks.
  8. beer

    I enjoy the taste of it too.. so thats a plus
  9. I would have to say beer. Better taste, better drunk, not such a terrible hangover (at least from cheap vodka)
  10. all i know if i would rather drink beer all day than vodka all day haha
  11. Vodka im not much on beer
  12. i dont like the taste of beer, i drink hard liquer mostly bacardi 151, but i loves me a nice cup of vodka, no chaser just chug it before you taste it haha. and if you havent tried bacardi 151 zombie, i suggest you go buy a bottle and start sippin on that. i guess im just a bacardi fanboy lol.
  13. Beer is something you kindve cruise on after the vodka haha

    vodka hits you out of no where and hard, beer comes up nice and slow

    both are great

  14. why is it better?
  15. not a fan of 151 at all. i like to taste my alcohol, not just burn my throat. haha. if you like your alcohols taste, you dont care what proof it is cause you simply enjoy drinking it:hello:
  16. Cheers!
  17. man, FUCK vodka

    i'd go beer any day over vodka
  18. BEER even though i hate drinking beer is just better in flavor besides vodka and hard shit for ladys...(sorry vodka drinkers)


  19. EWW the taste of alcohol is gross, but i love the burn for some reason.

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