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Vodka Vs. Beer

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cheating Death, May 11, 2010.

  1. Love beer, hate vodka. If I'm having a drink, it's bourbon.

  2. pale ales and IPAs are great, i also like the occasional stone mountain russian stout when im in the mood.

    you should pick up some Imperia if you have the chance for a good price. its from the same company as russian standard, but its their highest grade(standard, platinum, then imperia), but the platinum isnt work it at all in my opinion, i actually prefer standard over platinum. I bought 4 cases of Imperia and stocked up when costco got a shipment of it and were selling it for $10 a bottle, when its usually about $30-35 at bevmo or other stores.

    when im feeling cheap with friends just to get drunk or for mixing, i usually go with moskovskaya vodka. its pretty good, and its only $8 a bottle at trader joes. true origional vodka recipe with no added sweeteners and made from rye. very similar taste to stolli

    haha, and yes, i am russian if it looks like i prefer russian drinks
  3. whiskey with a beer chaser son:D
  4. not really a beer guy. ill enjoy a few if im outside, or just chillin (infact im havin one right now) but if im looking for a buzz at all i will take vodka.

    even better though is gin, or rum. mmmmmm :D
  5. Definitely vodka. Some situations I would prefer beer tho. But generally I love vodka.
  6. "I like beer, but I love my liquor/
    Cause my liquor, will get me drunk quicker/"

    - the wise words of Afroman.
  7. when you're at a party you don't want to be pissing about with beer that you have to keep your eye on - you want to get pissed asap

    feel me?

  8. Whats your favorite scotch? Right now I'm liking The Glenlevet Natura (their special reserve 16 yr old at cask strength) and Bunnahabin 12 yr. Think I'm gonna go stiff and try the Laphoig next.
  9. I dig Both, and Plus 1 .. .. ..

    yea .. .. Vodka Shot, n, a Beer Chaser, .. What's that shit called, .. A Boiler Maker .. I think .. But, One must Follow suit with a Big Fat Joint

    *( Or your preferred Smoking Style ) .. ..

    Giver ,.. .. .. :D .. ..
  10. vodka may be one of the most foul tasting things on planet earth. it still gets you drunk though
  11. Beer. Hate Vodka with a passion. Made me throw up a few times so I never touch it. Not really a huge hard liquor fan to be honest, I'll drink with mixers but rarely drink them straight.

    Hand me an ice cold European Lager while sitting in the sun with mates, weed and a BBQ and I'm a very happy man.
  12. Right now, I'd prefer a beer.

    Have 6 Rolling Rocks left in the fridge from a 12. Told myself I was going to drink them when I got home today, but my computer chair is too comfy to leave at the moment.
  13. Vodka for me
  14. I could go for a white russian or screwdriver right now
  15. Beer. Definately. For some reason beer gets me ALOT more wasted then vodka, per amount of standard drinks.

    Would choose two 6 packs over a the std 700ml bottle anyday (the amount it takes to get me drunk)
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    Beer for sure. Liquor gets me too messed up and I don't like the strong alcohol taste. I'm a beer connoisseur as well as a cannabis connoisseur.
    I like good flavorful beers and don't really drink light beer anymore.
    I'm sipping on this Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA now

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  17. I can't drink vodka straight until I'm drunk. Then it goes alllll down. I like having a beer before I start on the shots and hard liq. My animal doctor says I shouldn't even be drinking! But what does he know, he's just an animal doctor. I'm a cat I do what I want! :p
  18. Beer is for partying games and just sitting back relaxing. That doesn't mean I won't take shots though.
  19. I love both to death. In fact, I love all kinds of alcohol except for peppermint schnapps.

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