Vodka Vs. Beer

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  1. ive never been a beer drinker because its so much liquid, but vodka is nice to me.

    and yes sir ima drunk right about now!
  2. Both have their place.

    Beer is great on a hot day or with dinner. Vodka is my choice for cocktails during a night out.
  3. depends on the situation really. when its just friends chillin, beer definately. when im going out to the bar or bowling alley to drink and have fun, ususally pre fade with vodka(imperia or russian standard usually), and once i get there will drink beers with some vodka shooters or gin mixed in

    but, if im at a classy social event or business related event, ususally i will still to a vodka tonic, gin and tonic, or a single malt scotch
  4. they get you a different drunk. cant go wrong with a couple of cases of some bud light though. dont care if its not a "REAL" beer.
  5. I need to drink like 10/15 beers to actually get drunk so I prefer hard liquor.

    Plus if you need to run while you're drunk (it happens) it's much easier with a couple of shots in you than a gallon of beer.
  6. I've only ever had troubles wit vodka

    The one time I got hurling-till-4 drunk was on vodka; at a party and someone handed me a solocup of Mr. Boston's. It was supposed to be moved to another location, so we could continue the party. (cop scare or some shit) I ended up sipping half the thing during the commotion, and I won't detail the rest of the night but it involved massaging random girls' feet, hooking up with one, and almost throwing up in her mouth.

  7. Ah, a man after my own tastes. I love my beer, especially pale ale and IPAs. I too love Russian Standard as straight shots but above all my drink of choice is a good single malt scotch, Islay or Highland, neat but chilled in the fridge.
  8. yeah but it depends how fast you drink them. you could easily get wasted off of 10 beers. wasted
  9. both are good to me.. and are about the only two alcohols i drink.

    been drinking my fair share of beer lately though, james ready for life !
  10. You can't even compare the two. It's two totally different catagories.

    A better question would be, if you could only have one alcoholic beverage for the rest of your life would it be beer or vodka?

    I'd have to pick beer.
  11. I dont like either, but Ill take a beer over vodka anyday.
  12. Vodka I don't know when to stop before it's too late, and I'm in store for a toilet hugging 'good time'

    Beer, for it I have a certain capacity for. And It's a level where I can get pleasantly drunk, but stopping before I realized I consumed too much
  13. Beer all the way... actually Heineken all the way
  14. a little bit of weed a little bit of beer=perfect
  15. Beer keeps me pissing, which is quite annoying, but vodka seems to go down so quick resulting in bad, bad stuff to happen.. *facepalms to self*

    But I actually like the taste of beer, so beer it is. Vodka is just a drink for getting drunk.
  16. I don't really like vodka much at all. Actually, I don't really like any clear liquors. It's all about bourbon, scotch and beer. Oh and rye.
  17. vodka for nights out to get me wasted,
    beer goes with a spliff at the end of the day. :)
  18. As a matter of personal choice, I no longer get drunk on hard a. I got 4 different criminal charges in a one week period and every time I was drunk, and it was from hard alcohol. SO now I just stick to beer and have a good time
  19. [​IMG]

    ^ Awesome beer. Tastes good, no crappy aftertaste, and 20 proof so you don't have to drink a shit-ton if you're looking to get buzzed.
  20. I love beer, such a better drunk. Plus I can easily smoke after drinking a ton of beer and have no worries of throwing up, with vodka it just fucks me up more unless I make mixed drinks instead of taking shots & chasing. Good vodka is nice and better if you just need to relieve some stress, take a couple shots and you're good.

    So I prefer beer as a college student but when I have a home and money I'll probably drink vodka more in the I am gonna be such an alc, couple beers with dinner then a few shots at night....then a joint of course :smoking: I'll be fucked up and the awesome uncle guy.

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