Vodka lovers unite

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  1. Announce your love of vodka to the world, and your favorite kind. Mine is Stolichnaya. Gets me hammered and tastes great. Worth every penny. It's great in shots or screwdrivers.

    If you prefer another type of liquor that's cool too.
  2. I'm drunk on Absolut - my favorite vodka, gets you really drunk and tastes like shit
  3. i love grey goose and belvider when im with friends partying, but im a big fan of flavored smirnoff vodkas, all flavores
  4. My family is russian so vodka is in my blood. Absolut and Smirnoff for me.
  5. Sorry, vodka gives me a mean headache. I myself am a whiskey connoisseur.

  6. Ikon True Russian Vodka 4x distilled 4 x filtered, Hands down!
  7. My choice is LEVEL Vodka. Very smooth more then grey goose which was my fav. before but LEVEL is by far more smooth.
  8. Loosey Goosey FTW!!!
  9. I'm not big on any liquor but i do love a good screwdriver.

    and tequila. but i account that to my hispanic blood
  10. Real men drink 151.
  11. Got to be absolute, Best taste
  12. i was a goose fan till i tried out Ciroc if you like straight up vodka or on the rox it's pratty damn tasty.
  13. I remember when I was younger and all we could scrape together was enough for Five O...

    We'd either drop jolly ranchers, or Crystal Lite Lemonade mix in to it, heh. That shit was so weak... better after we got to it, but still weak.

    Weak Sauce even.

  14. Snap,(although im a scotch man) however this amused me

    check out the guys quote at the end, made my day: "We were drinking and what doesn't happen when you're drunk?"
  15. Stoli elite is the smoothest I've had. The most unique vodka I've had is called "Cold River". It's a small micro distillary out of Freeport Maine. They can't ship to MA., so I had to travel a couple of hours to NH. to get it, but it was well worth the trip. They have a web site under the same name, and describe how it's made in small batches, using Maine potatoes, under very srtict conditions. The result is the best vodka I've ever had, but a bit expensive.
  16. It's more of a love/hate realationship for me.

  17. me too. i have an empty night cause of vodka. but when i drink i usually drink north

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  18. Fuck Vodka. It seems as if that is everyone's choice of drink.

    "Hey man let's get some vodka. You down?"

    Fuck that noise. Sailor Jerry's or what????
  19. Smirnoff or Skyy for me most the time.
  20. basically w/e is on sale for 10$ a half gallon.

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