Vitamin Water?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by myshtern, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. When I was younger, my dad and I did an expiriment when we planted 20 trees and 20 bushes. We gave half of them expired multivitamins (for humans). We just crushed them up and put them at the base, then watered on top of them so they flowed down.

    About 5 years later, we could clearly see that all of the trees and bushes that got our vitamins were about 20% taller and far bushier. Has anyone tried something like this with MJ?
  2. i wouldnt want to smoke expired vitamins if u kno what i mean...... but u try it and tell us how it goes......
  3. the life cycle is probably longer for that kind of plant. The key to big plants with mj is a long veg period. Great rich organic soil. Plenty of sun light and select nutrients(N/P/K) and water. I might try it though like crush up a few multi's and add to water ill let you know
  4. Superthrive?
  5. I dont think they have any smell or flavor
  6. I'm going to try that on two of my next batch of 9 and put a thead up about it, i think. Have any idea what type you and your father used?
  7. are you saying this would work or not?

    and hey how long did you and your dad put those vit's on there? all 5 years? a year? a few months?
    im suprised there was any difference if it was less than a year...
  8. We did two batches of vitamins, probably 8 pills per tree. You can literally see - tall tree, short tree, tall tree, short tree. Less leaves, more leaves, etc...

    They are checkered and all of the ones that are larger and bushier are the ones that received the vitamins
  9. Yea, superthrive is a great vitamin product IMO.
  10. I dunno.

    It could work, it could, not work.
  11. I guess there are growers out there who purchase organic pills from places like Wholefoods and using them as supplements to their water with sucess. So yes people have done it and it's successful.

    How would doing that be like smoking expired vitamins?
  12. dont give it human vitamins give it plant vitamins u guys know what i mean. if u dont u have some reading to do

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