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Vitamin THC Milkshot from the ROOR *VID*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Romain, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. nice man you cleared that shit hella fast
  2. That is one sweet bong man. Nice video :smoke:
  3. I liked the hand signals while you were holding it in
  4. Nice tube.

    Milked like a pro.
  5. nice roor dude. that is a pretty sleek tube man, i like it a lot. i was hitting my friends 5 footer tube today. i bet urs rips better though hahah!:smoke:
  6. Nice, hit like a man.
  7. Yeah lol,that made me laugh haha.
  8. I wish I could afford a bong like that. Nice grinder I have one almost exactly like it but I don't think it was a space case but it works damn good so...Nice bong and nice hit.
  9. Gotta get that daily dosage, +rep to you Sir,
  10. Hook it up with an ash catcher.
  11. Thanks all it was some gooood shit :smoking:
  12. Hahahaahah you threw up Westside..I coughed when you did that man, assholeeee haha

    I was dying for like 10 mins because of you..
  13. you killed that man, nice shit
  14. Nice dude. Where did you get that bong?

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