Vitamin E pills for scars

Discussion in 'General' started by Jamtastic, May 25, 2010.

  1. So I get vitamin E pills for free from this local place.

    I'm pretty white, and get sunburned if I go out to the beach I just burn, never tan but if I go tanning I get really tan (weird). So right now I'm still pretty pale.

    These pills are vitamin E gel capsules. I cut the capsule open and rub the gel over any cuts/scars, and scars that I have had for a while have almost completely faded in a few days. Very happy about that.

    This stuff works wonders for me, anyone else use these?
  2. no, but they sound useful for these stretch marks that have been bugging me.
  3. Yep, my mother lives by it
  4. i always used mederma it just takes a really long time and you have to remember to do it everyday
  5. After i lost 60 pounds i had mad stretch marks. I did exactly what you did everyday 2 times a day and my stretch marks faded after a month. They were still there, but they've faded even more since then and are barely visible.

    Everytime i get a cut or burn i will use vitamin e on it for a month and it never scars up.
  6. I take vitamin E along with others just to help me keep healthy, but i had no idea they were good for things like scars, i will look into this thanks.
  7. They also have bottles of Vitamin E oil...that way you don't have to pop open pills all the time.

    And stretch marks may fade...but they're permanent. :eek:
  8. My buddys who have scars on arms that they dont want people to see swear by mederma but I have never used anything to get rid of scars, will keep the vitamin in mind.
  9. This is good info to know, thanks :)
  10. But money's tight ya know. I'd rather just get the pills for free, than spend a few bucks on the oil. They seem to work pretty fast
  11. I had a stubborn wart on my finger for years. Had multiple surgeries on it, and professional freezings. I began rubbing the oil from the same capsules you speak of (its fish liver oil mostly I think) and the wart went away in a week. I believe it increases white blood cell count/strength in the local area. cannabis seed oil is alleged to do the same type of thing.
  12. Oh, I overlooked the fact that you get them for free. :smoke:

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