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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smawt_pokur, May 11, 2004.

  1. this is odd...ecuse me im pretty high..ok, i've been smoking jibber for over a year now, and i've done 1/2 ounces alone before, but this is a new, i only did about 3 bowls between 5 friends, hotboxing a car, and this is the first time i ever saw shit on pot...o_O ideas why?
  2. happens....enjoy....cuz it prolly wont happen again :D
  3. laced i'm guessin? I have never seen any visuals throughout my years of smoking the ganj.
  4. I get slight closed eye visuals while smoking sometimes, nothing big but it's fun. It's probably you're stupid stoned imagination making those visuals, I'm sure that's what it is with me.
  5. im betting it was laced now...cause i seriously saw shit when my eyes were completely dinosaurs and lizards and giant ants, also saw gnarly colors in patterns too. another thing is, you know that burnt feeling you still have the next day when you first start off? i have that hardcore right now, and i gotta go to work with it :(
  6. i ran out once (realy i did) for 3 days and when i got more i just packed 1 hitter and as i smoked it i saw fire flys not real ones but i saw like thousands of flashing lights all going to the center of my vision . it was wierd. at first i thought it was laced so i did another hitter and nothing. so im guessing it was just my body saying THANKS i needed that. it wasnt even high grade weed at all just a 20 dollar sack of green weed very little seed like 5 in a 1/8
  7. ^^that happends to me alot..^^ no worrys, no hallucinations either
  8. well I smoke a half quarter every 2-3 days I guees I should really ease down but I dont see that happening as long as I have money :)

    Also iv seen some shit while fked up on weed, once open eyes I was chillin on my bed and I swear my sister reached for the popcorn but she was upstairs!, the others were either really smal lthings or closed eye visuals
  9. ive only seen shit like once...

    i saw a big whale flying in the sky, and this table/bench morphed into an ant, and i saw someone who wasnt even in hte same state, it was awesome:smoking:
  10. WTF? whales, ants and lizards?

    Friggin crackheads, you guys taste any chemicals on those buds? cuase that def. wasnt just bud, Or maybe you guys are retarded in some way, and smokin herb brings that out?

  11. lol dont worry luke ya know I cant go on with out weed :), lol I said maybe I should I didnt say I was though, lol

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