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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skatestonerepeat, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Does anyone else get visuals when they're high? Not everytime you get high just when your like completely stoned?

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  2. no
    cannabis doesn't make you see things that aren't there :bongin:
  3. Yeah dude I made a thread about this yesterday. I think it's just the bud I have that makes me more sensitive to light or something and changes my perception of an object
  4. I only get visuals when I inject marijuanas 
  5. Its the movies and the propaganda, weed does not make you hallucinate.
  6. All of those people are either regurgitating things they've read on GC without any proof, or they are speaking strictly off of their own experiences. Marijuana effects everyone differently. I have has slight hallucinations (mostly audio hallucinations) before on bud, and I know what I'm talking about because I have years of trips with psychedelic unmentionables. I honestly don't care if every last member of Grasscity feels the need to reply to me with "OMG MARIHUANA PROPUHGANYSTS."
    While high on nothing but marijuana, I have experienced audio hallucinations multiple times. For example, yesterday I heard my mom talking for a second over a song I was listening to, when I'm home alone hundreds of miles away from her. Everyone on this forum likes to act like they know what every other person that is on this forum's highs are like.  :confused_2:
  7. not really anytthing like a trip but yeah ive seen the sky change colors like an LED light among other things
  9. Wow who are you guys to say that anyone else might have a different experience with weed than you on your high horse?

    I personally have had visual twists like seeing firewood rounds from a distance at night and they looked like zombies eating a corpse. It freaked me out but I also had just finished playing video games at a friends and it was 2 am.

    Other times I've had closed eye visuals, which is almost like dreaming while awake and "HD vision" where everything has a beautiful clarity to it.

    All the times I have had visual distortions I've been absolutely ripped out of my mind, even then they're pretty minor compared to unmentionables my brother has described.
  10. Visual distortons yeah, ike change in perception, lighting and all of that
    If you go to @[member="WeekendSmoker"], you'll see what happened to me last night
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    When I get stoned I get tunnel vision and everything in my periphs gets jumbled up. Why??
  12. . Yeah that happened to me last night I was staring at my phone and it was like all I could see was my phone nothing else mattered haha. But I was getting some closed eye visuals to but nothing like super crazy like or heard about people seeing on unmentionables. It was just sort of like faint patterns. Just wondered if it was all in my head or not. Thanks for the input!

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    It's certainly possible for this to happen, when talking about this it's too difficult to say off the bat that people can't perceive things differently when high from marijuana. 
    Perception itself is a mind game your senses play on you, you don't really know what you're seeing, you only perceive it the way your mind mimics what you're seeing. So, in theory marijuana - since it does alter the way in which people perceive things - could certainly distort how your mind processes the information you're obtaining through looking at or hearing a certain thing. 
    It's all about perception bro.  :smoke:
  14. No its all stemming from paranoia and LIES LIES LIES
    There are no visuals to be had. Period. No one has the kind of weed that causes it. Period.
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    I do...I have Blueberry Slut-hole Haze, it will send you to the moon with one hit. You'll see rainbow dragons coming out of the ground and mole people from the future.
  16. Only visual difference I have noticed would be that lights can seem brighter to your eyes sometimes. (Sun is extra bright)
    Who are you to say what someone perceives and what someone doesn't though? If anything, by denying something that is completely subjective you yourself are being paranoid of accepting something that is out of your norm. 
  18. Because I have smoked for a decade. With hundreds of people. I am knowledged and learned. 
    No one sees shit while high cept for paranoia. Period. Look period. There it is. Period. 
    First timers old timers it don't matter, no ones sees shit. Period. 
    This is just a bunch of crap.
    These are all incorrect statements. Marijuana is indeed a mild hallucinogen. I'm not talking shroom or acid visuals, but yeah, CEVs will definitely occur sometimes depending on your biochem. I always say if you haven't had CEV's or mild OEVs after smoking bud you haven't smoked NEARLY enough bud. To say it is a bunch of crap is....a bunch of crap.

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