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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lakplayer601, May 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I am wondering have you ever had visulas either CE or OE after smoking weed?

  2. I used to get amazing and intricate CEV's like every time I smoked weed...not anymore though...I think it was related to the fact that I used to meditate and regularly be in 'high spiritual states of consciousness'...would love to get them again.
  3. I have experienced relatively powerful CEV's in the past, but only from very long smoking sessions. 
    One of my friends spoke about some frightening OEV's he experienced (involving insects crawling on him), but he was pretty sure the buds were laced.
  4. Ive got high as fuck and never experienced any OEV or CEV but i really want to. All ive experienced is extreme perception change but idk if that counts.
  5. when my tolerance is down, I get CEVs and OEVs, and they're awesome. They're much less overwhelming than the ones produced by more powerful psychedelics, and I seem to be able to control them- its not so much reality disintegrating so much as wow, that table looks way cooler when the pattern on the tablecloth is moving around. Also everything takes on a sort of exaggerated, "Video game" look, and colors become more saturated, contrast is enhanced.
    The first time I smoked, I had some crazy OEVs where one of my friends turned into a panda, and stuff was changing color, double vision, stuff like that. I was a little freaked out. Now of course, I would welcome that experience, but I haven't been able to get quite that high from weed since. 
  6. Just last night I had some mild CEV's. I don't smoke much anymore so my tolerance to smoke is down.
  7. I don't think I've ever experienced any. Usually when I'm really toasted I either get sleepy or dizzy.
  8. Only after I tripped. But that had help from something else. but with plan old weed nah. Might make things more bright and seem cooler but thats it.
  9. I get visuals but there is a certain "voluntary" aspect to them. I have to want to see them and it's more like my imagination is just really really vivid. More commonly, I see stuff very clearly *in my mind* (like really intense visualization). More commonly I get skin sensations (like, feeling music creeping over my skin) than visual stuff. 
    My mom studied t'ai chi and chi gong many years ago and she discovered after smoking up that she could *see* the chi energy. It's transformed her practice!!
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  10. Back when I first started smoking, I smoked a lot of some mids that were sativa dominant, then I started having CEV's that where in sync with the music, probably one of the best experiences I've had with weed. I've only had OEV's once, and that was my second time smoking, I saw the outline of an ostrich in like a gray color with a silver outline just glowing, I dont know I was really fucking high.
  11. If someone is telling me a story, I will usually get OEV's. For example, yesterday I was blazed and some guy was telling me about this local park at night, and i could literally see the park he was talking about. Everything he said in the story just kinda popped up in my vision.
  12. What is ce and oe?
    I once was seeing water moving in my periphial vision, I wasn't high at the time though. I saw fans spinning too.
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    Never. I have gotten tunnel vision from some really good hash and a rare strain or so though, but never any visual halluc 
  14. Yeah it happens sometimes. If you're really high and you zone out (in my experience), you start to sorta trip out
  15. Both when I first started. The one time everything was green and it looked like I was in a sacred garden. For a new smoker, Im surprised I stayed completely calm. I have also experienced double vision and my vision shifting from fake to real really fast

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  16. I have, but I believe it's only because of my experience with other unmentionables of the psychedelic variety
  17. I get cev's both high and sober but I'm pretty sure meditation has had a big part in that
    Never had an oev on anything
  18. Not on just weed, nope. Though sometimes I see shit in my peripheral vision.
  19. My first time using a bong I closed my eyes and it went into a little fake world and I was like dreaming. I tried to turn on a hose faucet but my eyes were closed. That's the only time though and it was long ago.
  20. No......just no.....

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