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    Hello GC :wave:
    I acquired 10 petite looking seeds from a seemingly experienced indoor grower. (Judging by his set-up and knowledge of general hydroponics) Anyways, I have never ordered quality beans from a seedbank so my question is, Do quality seeds seem to have any traits that may make them decipherable to the trained eye? Like I mentioned earlier, These seeds are very shiny and petite unlike the rather large seed on the right which are very common with bagseed in my area.

    I understand judging quality from seed is seemingly impossible to the naked eye but do seedbank type seed carry any traits visually?
  2. They look a little dark, but I think it's just the lighting in the picture. They look fine size wise though.
  3. no, depending on strain and breeder there are all shapes, sizes, colors and variety.
  4. Awesome, Thanks man. I believe anything The Green Bastard says. LOL. I love bubbles, TPB FTW! Thanks again, Your sig is awesome BTW.
  5. thanks buddy....

    yeah i have purchased seeds that are brown, green and even pink.

    Genetics man, its a bitch.
  6. Lots of seeds from seedbanks are small,but the're viable

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