Visual Seed Identification?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by amethystbud, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I have been collecting bag seed for a little while in the hopes of growing when given the opportunity, unfortunately I haven't been keeping records of which seeds produced which product (I guess at the time I was separating them out, I had other things in mind :smoke:)

    I have however noticed that there seem to be two varieties:
    -Some are larger and relatively uniform in color (a drab green-gray-brown)
    -Others are smaller, with a distinct black striped pattern

    Are these differences in seeds essentially random, or can the difference help in identifying the seeds. Is one indica and the other sativa? Any observations would be very interesting.


  2. Id also like info on this. Ive got some seeds from random sources, I know that one came from a purple strain, but Im not sure which.
  3. the size/color of the seed has nothing to do with whats inside. seeds can look very similar to each other and be totally different plants when planted.

    if you had a jar full of seeds and put them together in groups with what you thought were the same seeds and planted them, i think you'd be surprised how they turn out.

    so no, theres no way to know what seeds you have till you plant them.

    so what are you waiting for?

  4. Im waiting to do more research on an indoor first time indoor grow room. lol. Then Ill plant em. I have no clue if I have a green or black thumb yet, so well see. Thanks for the info man.
  5. The colour of the seed case tells you nothing about strain or sex.

  6. Word!

    Even within a seed group from your own breeding there will be a huge variance within that seed group sample.

    From seed grown in their original climate (my limited experience is with African sativas and Afghani Indicas) the variances in the seed groups that I've seen is HUGE.

    Color, stripes, etc. mean absolutely NOTHING


  7. Seed size doesn't mean anything either.

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