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Visual hallucinations while smoking alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ACB, May 5, 2011.

  1. First off this is my first post and ACB sounds like a pretty fake name, so I know people are probably going to think I'm a troll or something, but I'm serious about all this I wouldn't take the time to properly punctuate, spell, and give correct grammar if i was just being an asshole :p

    Anyway, when I'm out smoking with my friends I always have a good time nothing really out of the ordinary happens I just get stoned, chill, do whatever is going on at the time, I guess what you would consider a normal smoking experience.

    But for some reason, whenever I smoke alone i always get visual hallucinations. I'm not talking LSD type hallucinations (Which I've never done so it's not like I would know anyway), but basically what happens is I toke, lay down and put on some music, and then in a good 15-20 minutes when it all kicks in I start to see patterns on my ceiling, usually fractals or rainbow checker patterns, and they intensify as time goes on eventually becoming more vivid and colorful and they even move. When I look at light sources like an LED clock or something the glowing lights will start to blur until they're unreadable, and then they'll fracture and spread apart or something. One time a streetlight outside my window turned into Saturn and everything around it turned black, and it looked like my room was floating through space. Usually at the most intense point I'll see full on vivid fractal patterns that flower outwards and move, breathing walls and objects not unlike people describe when they take other hallucinogens, and light tunnels, along with really disassociated thoughts usually about the meaning of life and all the other philosophical things people like to muse about, and then after it gets that intense I'll fall asleep and wake up the next morning fine.

    I honestly don't really see this as a problem and it's actually very enjoyable, especially when I've got Floyd or something playing in the background, except the only thing is I would say about 75% of the time it turns into a panic attack. I've tried heroin (once), cocaine, and mephedrone, so it's not like I've done any drugs that would cause me to have hallucinatory flashbacks. I have a brother with Autism and 1 or 2 family members that may have bi-polar disorder, so while not completely out of the question, I don't think I really have any sort of underlying mental disorder that would affect my experience. I smoke pretty regularly too, probably 3 or 4 times a week, and like I said if I'm out with friends doing something this sort of thing doesn't happen, it's only if I'm smoking alone.

    I was just wondering if anybody else out there has had this sort of thing happen to them, and if anyone can explain why it happens, because i know weed is a psychoactive drug and everything but nobody I talk to has really ever said that this sort of thing happens to them while smoking by themselves.
  2. Does someone really have to say this? Yes you can have mild hallucinations from weed. Nothing like a true psychedelic but I personally have encountered mild effects. Ive seen walls "breath", fan blades slow, and music can sound soooo awesome.

    I didnt bother reading your whole story. If you are asking if you are a lone, no you are not. If thats not what you ask... ? lol
  3. nope haha that's exactly what I was asking :D

    It's just that when i tell my friends this they just kind of give me a WTF look so I wasn't sure if it was common
  4. This happens to everyone. I refer to them as open eye visuals.
  5. although i dont get anywhere close to you. i do sort of get what your saying. iv seen the ceiling look like it was breathing and the light reflection on my wall from my tv looked like patterns but i think it just really was patterns lol. i get the dissociated thoughts, sometimes in which turn into a mini anxiety attack in which i usually just keep to myself till i calm down lol.

    i think some people just may be affected more than others. based on your post i feel like im in between, because some of my friends can smoke a shit ton and just act 100% normal..

    edit: btw i have done lsd and other things, and its no where near hallucinations like that..
  6. I have never had open eye visuals from smoking(yet).but when you are alone your mind tends to wander more than when you are with friends so don't worry about it.which bipolar runs in your family(1 or 2).bipolar and schizo are very different so don't stress ur self ur just a lightweight lol
  7. back when i first started smoking, my sister had this crazy fire bud...

    i smoked like a bowls worth and got super high and drunk and passed out. The next morning before i left, i smoke 3 bats of it.

    On the way home, i saw music notes flowing out of the speakers in the car, and everytime the car changed lanes i would slowly rock back n forth with it..

    there was another time i got so high as fuck off of like 2-3 bowls and then 3-4 vape bowls. I was out of my mind. My vision was so messed up, everything was wavy and slow motion and i could barely take in everything that was going on around me.

    Theres been lots of times that time has slowed down, and everything was delayed by about 1 second of me thinking about it or telling my body to do it (for instance when i was driving i would tell myself to turn the blinker on, then like 1-2 seconds later the blinker came on)

    idk man ive been fucked up a lot off a lot of good quality yes everything youve described is possible.
  8. when i started smoking i would get strong open eyed visuals. Not full  blown psychosis or unmentionable hallucinations just strong visuals. Like i was play a video game and i could see the silhouette of the character surrounded by squiggly multicolored lines
  9. It's a drug, these things happen. When i first started smoking, all light and colour was intensified by like x30
  10. I get those all the time, its pretty cool.

  11. I get these many times. OP I recommend dimming the lights a bit. I've noticed form experience when there's little light, hallucinations seem more intense probably because the mind imagines things in the dark. 
    Basically, I've experienced mild swirls, things slowing, mild pulses in objects, and weird fractal/geometric patterns when my eyes close. 
    Nope , never happened to me . Maybe its been laced or something ?
  13. You sir, are a weirdo.
  14. Thats normal my friend, i get this at least once a week when i toke; ive been smoking for 8 months straight and i still get these at least once every week (The visuals you had)
  15. I get them almost every time I smoke more than 2 bowls, but being a reletively experienced hallucinagen user I can tell you its nothing compared to real tripping. Yours sound more along the lines of the stuff I get from rolling Molly, but definately stronger than what weed usually does for me

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