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Discussion in 'Politics' started by VolnGharst, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. What the hell is up with CNN?

    They have this 'Great Technology' where telling the story has turned into a freakin' POP-UP STORY for ignorant zombies.

    EX: That story where the plane when down in that neighborhood. The journalist was pointing his hands and arms all over this damn computer generated program about which ANGLE IT FELL; HOW STEEP THE PITCH; and stupid stuff.

    Also, what's with all the freakin' boxes to the left of the screen, 1 or two CNN logos, TIME/TEMPERATURE, and a NEWS REEL SCROLL..

    JUST TELL ME THE STORY! I AM NOT 2, you idiot journalists

    Has the 'INFORMATION AGE' reached its peak?
  2. Are you rambling against innovation and progress? About knowledge and information, as biased and one-sided as it may be?
  3. Nope, he's one of the people fed up with all the showiness that these "news stations" readily adopt.
  4. Well, you see CNN bought this hugely expensive virtual-studio solution from VizRT, a live broadcast graphics company located less than a mile from where I live. They also delivered the graphics for the recent olympics. Would you belive that it is actually windows based?! It must be running on Vista, because else I'd expect quite the few BSOD. And as I can remember, in the olympics, only one was spottet, and that on an in-stadion big screen, not the live broadcast.

    Anyhow, now that they got this fabolous system in place, and payed through the nose for it, they have to use it, right?

    Though I must agree, there is a fine line between graphics augmaneting a broadcast, and where it becomes so prevalent that it is actually intrusive. Sort of like a crutch for the producers to lean on. Especially on slow news days :p
  5. They've always had that, and that information is convenient, so when I want to know the time and temperature, I just need to look at the corner and find it. What's the good of a network if it's useless, and simply tells stories from their right-wing capitalist perspectives? I'd rather tell me useless angles and facts, rather than their fucked up opinion about shit. Tell me facts, not opinions.

    That's why I like CNN a lot better than FOX, Ha.

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