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Visitor to Seattle in need of advise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jsorrow84, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Staying in an apartment in Belltown for approximately a week while my friend is handling some conferences for work. Being an avid smoker I couldn't pass up a free trip to Seattle. But I do have one issue. Where can I smoke? I went to the roof of the condo and there are no smoking signs all over it. I really don't want to stink up the apt. There are constantly people walking the sidewalks outside the door. I have no clue where to go. I just want to smoke a bowl and chill out but I'm having a huge problem doing that. Any advise would be grand!!!! Thanks
  2. Not sure if they have them like Colorado but I am guessing they do, you could get an O Pen battery and preloaded cartridge at a dispensary for around $60ish total, then you can honestly walk whereever you want or hit the pen in the apartment and the smell dissipates really quickly. If you want to stick to flower, your best bet is to put a fan in a window in the apartment facing outside and then blow all your smoke out of that.
  3. Thanks! I actually just saw ad regarding that vaporizer type thing.
  4. Yeah they work really well, I used mine a whole lot on the mountains out in Colorado, really discreet and easy to use I was even hitting it while on a lift with strangers and noone looked at me twice
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