Visiting the USA.

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  1. So that time has come where I venture out of Canada and visit the bigger country next door. I'm gonna be gone for a few days, and I gotta say I love the states. All of your goods are so cheap.

    So tell me Americans. What's your personal favorite thing about your country.

    Let's here some feedback.

    Best buds for life.
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    Well, do you already have a specific region in mind? There can be some major differences between them.

    DC has a lot of monuments and museums if you're into that stuff.

    I've never really thought about what I love here.. I just sorta live

    I guess the abundance of stuff to do at somewhat low cost, like you said
  3. I've only ever been to NYC and LA in the US, and I'm not naïve enough to think that paints any sort of picture of the real America.

    I want to go to the NW Pacific so bad, sometimes it almost hurts.
  4. Update: going to Minnesota and North Dakota

    Best buds for life.
  5. Don't forget to check out your nearest police department and get arrested in the country that has been doin' incarceration right for the last 30 years. :cool:
  6. Different parts are vastly different, even within a state. Some of it is awesome, some of it sucks donkey balls.
  7. Go get a cheeseburger, that's pretty American.
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    And this.
  9. Never been to either of those states.  Have a good trip. 
  10. Seattle is fun and there's lots of stuff to do.

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  11. The slow legalization of sweet Mary Jane in the states. Murica!!! Lol
  12. Same, I've only been to big cities.
    I want to hit up some Utah, Rocky Mountains, and Yellowstone in WY for sure.
    We should double date. (I just don't have any money though).
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    Can we hold hands?

    Edit cause I missed the "double" part of our date. Can we leave the women behind?
    You're going to need an interpreter.  They don't speak the Queen's English.  If you hear, "youbetcha!  youbetcha!"  run for your life. 
  15. Ohhhhhhhh..."women." Riiiiiigghhttt. That's what I meant, of course.
    Yes, we can leave our significant others behind.
    Just don't expect me to take your broke ass out without you giving up the goods. 
  17. Well you better wine and dine the HELL out of me then. 
    its hard to believe we speak the same language sometimes.
  19. If you go to Fargo you need to eat at Aliens.

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