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Visiting Colorado to Toke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Green Gooma, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Damn. Hope for the best, that would suck
  2. if you go theres prob going to be some high quality buds going around, since it'll be legal there. i wouldnt stress about going to colorado and not getting weed
  3. "One of the topics before one of the working groups is whether there should be some sort of a residency requirement for growing, selling or even using marijuana."

    It makes sense to have a residency requirement for selling and growing, but they probably won't make a residency requirement for buying or smoking.

  4. Can't you see what is happening? They (the politicians) are trying to set rules in place that will stifle the legit MJ industry, even before it has time to get off the ground. Understand that the politicians don't want this. Let me ask you this....can I go to another state and set up a convenience store that sells beer and wine and not be a resident of that state? Sure, why not.

  5. That's not the point. You will still be breaking the law.
  6. That's because beer and wine is legal everywhere else. It's a smuggling issue.
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    It is being pushed by all the coastal "Spring Break" Chamber of Commerce's that will be losing out on millions of dollars to their local economies,,,we are talking huge bucks here!

  8. Not if you maintain that business in CO. You're assuming that someone, out of state, will smuggle the MJ out.
  9. So, I'm planning on going to CO. next month (February) on vacation. Will I be able to walk into a dispensery & pick up a oz. to enjoy while I'm there?

  10. If they even allow people from other states to purchase it I'm sure there will be a limit per day. Hell there will more than likely be a limit if you're a Colorado resident.
  11. Not really the answer I'm looking for.
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    No. You have to have a MMJ card and be a resident of CO to get MJ from a dispensary.
    Currently there is no structure in place to sell MJ for recreational use.
  13. So I would have to buy it off the street if I wanted some?
  14. i think growing and selling should be limited to people who live in the state but buying should be legal for anyone over 18 i think thats how it should work
  15. Being a Colorado resident, I surly hope they tell non-residents to go away. Dont get me wrong, I love everybody...buttt theres just so many people out there coming for the wrong reason, and with bad intentions. I'm not saying get visitors in trouble, just that they shouldn't be able to grow or anything along those lines without being a resident for 2 years.

  16. yes, its not quite the "legal" your thinking of.
  17. Then what the fuck are you looking for? For me to say "Yes, you'll be able to go on vacation to Co and buy an ounce. It's absurd to think otherwise!"?

  18. WHOA dude, take a hit & calm down. If u get pissed over something that little, u need a shrink not weed. I'm simply getting info. I like to know details before I get into something like "legal weed".
  19. Think what you want; the amendment makes it legal for 21 and over, not 18.

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