visiting canada on thursday

Discussion in 'General' started by mjgarden, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. :Di cant wait. im only gonna be there till sunday though, but any time away from connecticut is good time.
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  2. where r u visiting in canada
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  3. Have you ever been out of the country?

    Did you know that codeine is over the counter in Canada (it is legal to bring back 50 tablets per person into The States).
    They also have OTC muscle relaxers (and Claritin), but I'm not aware of the laws about bringing either of those back across.

    Just go to any pharmacy and ask for a 50-tablet bottle of acetaminophen with codeine. The law used to be 600 tabs per person. My wife and I went across one time with 1200 tablets. (After they had changed the law) They made us take them back to get our money back (or forfeit it to customs). Bummer!

    Since we wiped out the first pharmacy of all it's 200 tablet bottles, we had to go to another store to get the rest. The second store was closed by the time we got back, so we put the rest of the codeine in a hiding spot and took a different route across the boarder. Everything went just fine.

    BTW, the OTC codeine from Canada would be considered a Tylenol #1 in the states (it goes from 1-5 I think). Not as strong as prescription Tylenol 3, but it still works.

    I don't know how old you are, but the legal drinking age is Canada is 19.

    It's different to realize that you're a foreigner for the first time in your life. Have fun in Canada.
  4. hehe, im canadian actually. ive lived in england, california, connecticut, north carolina, and two places in canada. i was born in Pickering, Ontario, and i used to live in Oakville, Ontario until i had to move to connecticut, and im moving to BC after grade 11. canada's where i belong.
  5. Canada is a great country you'll love it
  6. Fuckin' Canada...Streets lined in gold and weed, cafes, yanno? The fuckin' works. Fuck you, Canada, and all your glory.

    ...Fuck you.:coolalt:
  7. Grade 11 eh, how old might you be young canuck?
  8. That was 16 years ago professor. Initially it caught my attention too.
    The OP was like the 338th post here. Likely included some pre-release testing.

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  9. I've been duped :(
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