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  1. Hi,All,

    Since others are posting their recommended vision - inducing music, I figured I should add mine.

    If I go by the scale of mind blowing,sound-created imagery,the effect of an entire song on my mind's visual field,and sheer induced awe,well...if I've got to pick JUST ONE ,it would be:

    "SPANISH CARAVAN" Side 2,of The Doors "Waiting For The Sun" CD

    Everyone has their variations,of course,but still,if anyone knows a song that can do what THIS one does (@ least, to me)...Wow...that must be SOME song!

    No matter how I listen to it,I often get sheer goosebumps,like electricity running down my back.

    When Robbie's lead flourish ascends to that sustaining "B" note, just before Jim launches into the lyric "Trade Winds & Galleons lost in the Sea.....",it seems like the fuzz harmonics of his guitar pitch a trail of lightning-sparkle-fragments out into a beautiful,dark some incredible skyrocket,just in time to let Jim carry the song to it's next scene.

    Cheers,Love,Peace,Freedom, DREAMS,

  2. AGREED !

    The End does that to me too ... many of the doors songs do.

  3. Welcome to the city..

    The doors are great.. I grew up listening to them!
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    There was more to that song tho; for me it resplit the atom. Robbie's fuzz timbre was & still is Visionary to me. Not that it's the only epic guitar sound around - just maybe one of the milestones (pun intended) for me.

    There is that infinite, unlimited, 5-dimensional theater your head can become when listening to music you like w your eyes closed - and very high. Robbie's fuzz lead builds up into a display that - to me - represents the forces of nature..I really saw those forces represented visually in my head.

    The intro to Spanish Caravan is acoustic, of course; Robbie plays a flamenco exercise, so it invoked all kinds of 19th Century, 'wooden', pre-electrical culture. Everything triggered associations of dry wood, porches hanging w garlic, like the clip-clop pace of Old World Europe.

    Then there's that dark pause, where the song leaves you hanging ~~~~~~ just before the psychic fireworks that are about to happen.

    Robbie breaks into this darkness with a Spitfire fuzz's beautiful, beautiful (yes I am a guitarist & total fuzztone freak)...this juncture seemed to symbolize the cultural shift of the Doors time: the new, 20th Century, Electric wind that was blowing all previous historic forms away - social, political, aesthetic, everything.

    I saw Robbie standing wayy..y...y.. atop a mountain, one that was like a huge Hawai'ian mountain peak, one of those that extends far above the sea...the vision of a darkening sky & superstorm winds that key off the hurricane effect that they mixed into that song....Robbie appeared both as a small figure on top of the mountain peak, & simultaneously in the background as this huge, semi transparent, hovering ghost image , with that white tunic he sometimes he is some kind of alien scientist creating this change....

    As his fuzz lines become more prominent, they formed into white streaks of serrated lightning, with the thickness or thinness of the bolts corresponding to the note's pitches....they were like sound waveforms that had shaped themselves into lightning bolts. I was flippin' ecstatic at this point, it was a true vision.

    The crescendo truly begins when Robbie hits that mighty, sustaining "B" note ; the one which launches Jim's stentorian lyrics. That note signals a point where the lightning streaks Robbie was generating (out of nowhere) become beyond ordinary nature, where they start to streak downward into the stormy Ocean. Talk about high, & in more ways than one.....soundheads & music freaks especially will understand this inner visual epic stuff. Then again, any head will :)

    Jim was does not seem to be the central star in this one like he in most of their other songs. Man, this was Robbie's turn to twin up with Jimi as friggin renicarnated Scientists-from-Atlantis who shaped sound in ways it had never been painted before.

    No wonder I became such a total fuzz pedal freak. :)

    PS: No way could Jim have done what he did without those specific other 3 guys. Like many other bands, the Doors membership could never have been otherwise & gotten the same amazing results.

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