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Vision changes when super high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Im Ralph, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. So, this is something I don't see a lot of people realizing or talking about but every time I get high my vision get super dark and everything look different. Everything is just dark, a bit blurry and dreamlike vision, I'm super high right now and my vision is pretty much really dark even when my light is on, this happen to everyone right? and tell me the different visual changes u have when high!
  2. nope, maybe your eyes are closed?
  3. Yeah it happens to me some times, i love it.
    everything goes slow motion  lol :D
  4. :laughing:
    I laughed so hard from your post :)
    This does not happen to me.
  5. it's called 'tunnel vision,' and any toker who says they don't get it
    are sadly mistaken. You just don't notice it when you're high, your
    peripheral becomes slightly ignored by the brain, causing people to
    get 'tired eyes' without even knowing it.
  6. My vision goes slightly out of focus and my eyes get dry from not blinking enough.
    you should see an eye doctor if that continues..
    never heard of such a thing.
  8. I get tunnel vision but everything is actually brighter and colors are enhanced.
  9. I get HD vision if im really blasted and its sunny outside
  10. I know right! I love it!
  11. My peripherals do get a lot worse but I never thought it was darker. My girlfriend got blazed the other night and thought the dog was darker than usual though haha
  12. Nahh, is just something that happen to me all the time since 1st time I got high, is not a bad thing, I love it. It usually happen when I'm super stoned, but is not really something "out of this world" everything look like the same way everything look when I'm dreaming, everything look dreamy cus everything feel like a dream, my vision when I'm dreaming is usually like that to, probably happen to you to but ur probably a veteran smoker, I been smoking for only 1 year so I still get impressed by the lil details.
  13. yeah happens to me too, anywhere dark seems 10x darker and i can only see like 2/5th of my normal vision
  14. To me everything looks kind of brighter and more vibrant but in the dark I don't feel a difference

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  15. well thc is a mild psychedelic and when I first started smoking when I would get really baked my vision would almost be cartoony or something like that

  16. My vision just gets super clear. It looks like everything is in HD. Life in 1000000000p.

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    Once when i tried homemade bong (for the first time i believe) it hit me so hard that all colors were like 2-3x brighter than normal and i was unable to walk because i heard my steps SUPER LOUD like i was a dinosaur :D

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