Vision AK-49 Auto Pyramid Auto NYC - 150 Watt HPS Grow (Updated PICS 2/18)

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    Updated 2/18/2014 - Getting big now:
    Updated 2/14/2014 - Valentines Day plant shots:
    Updated 2/11/2014 - Things are getting cray cray:
    Updated 2/9/2014 - Quick couple of photos:
    Updated 2/8/2014 - Bunch of New Photos, Preflowers on Auto NYC:
    Updated 2/5/2014 - New Photos:
    Updated 2/1/2014, scroll down for new (good) photos!
    I had originally planned to grow under T5's, then I decided to bite the bullet and just work with an HPS now rather than wait to upgrade. The box itself is a converted bookshelf I had laying around measuring 3x3x1. 

    I'm growing in an organic medium in roughly 2-gallon pots.

    My AK-49 (little one) was just recently planted and sits now at 4 days old as of 1/31.

    The Auto NYC (bigger one) is around 12 days old as of 1/31.
    Weird black bars are due to camera sucking, better pics to come!

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  2. describe your organic medium
    looks like they're off to a good start
    Thanks! This is my first "real" grow with a decent light and genetics. I just want a nice little stash for myself every couple months, I'd be pleased with an ounch each, which I think is obtainable.

    The medium is just some Espoma Organic Mix. I've used it before with no nutrient burn problems or anything like that so I stuck with what I know.
  4. never seen Epsoma potting mix locally, didnt even know they made potting mix lol
    Dont get your hopes up with yield, autos dont usually yield too much, especially under lower light conditions
  5. I hear ya. I'm mostly taking a wait and see approach and letting nature do her thing with these ones. Next time around I'll look in to nutrients, teas, and all the other tricks of the trade. For now though just keeping it simple!
  6. Update for 2/1:
    Auto New York City - 13 Days Old
    Auto AK-49 - 5 Days Old
  7. curious, whats your photoperiod?
  9. I'm considering dropping back to 20/4 after a lot of skimming and reading opinions and results on the board just to give them a rest period.
  10. Here they are as of 2/5 after about 5 days of cycling the lights at 20/4 rather than 24/0. They're responding to it very very well. The Auto NYC is one day in to LST.

    Auto NYC (17 Days from Sprouting):
    Diesel_2-5-14(1).jpg Diesel_2-5-14(2).jpg Diesel_2-5-14(3).jpg Diesel_2-5-14(4).jpg Diesel_2-5-14(5).jpg

    Auto AK-49 (9 Days from Sprouting):
    AK-49_2-5-14(1).jpg AK-49_2-5-14(2).jpg AK-49_2-5-14(3).jpg
  11. Thanks man I appreciate it. I'll be doing another photo update on Sunday, everything is kicking into high gear now.

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  12. The 150 Watt sodium looks like its doing a good job, curious to see how it works once they get larger in terms of penetration.
  13. I'm excited/nervous to see myself. It just hit me the other day how bushy these girls are going to be. I'm hoping the AK is sativa dominant and grows a bit lankier than the NYC to try and prevent too many problems.
  14. I have a 150 watt myself, I havent tested it yet, been useing CFLs but my plants bushed out quite a bit and its getting close to being inferior for the canopy size.
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    Good news blades, I believe I'm beginning to see preflowers along the main stem of my Auto NYC between the stipules and main branches. I'll try and post pics up later for confirmation. She's on Day 19 from sprout today.  :smoke:
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    I say plug that bad boy in and let it go to work along with your CFLs if you've got the space. It can only help at this point, mine has proven to be a nice cheap workhorse for my situation. I may supplement with 125 watt cfls or possibly even LED in the future, but I have no real necessity for it just yet.
    What are you growing BTW?

    That is my journal. Been experimenting with coffee in my soil, did a little LST on one plant, pinched one topped 2, use fishing lures to move foliage around to open up my light.
    Used well aged chicken shit mixed in with my soil, amd some kelp mulch. Water with rainwater.

    My first real grow with a serious effort. Its paying off.
    Their bagseeds, I belive its a "black" "------" something
    I know I have seeds from Granddaddy Purp too I may have planted those seeds.
  18. Nice, I'm subbed. I look forward to seeing your outcome!

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  19. Absolutely preflowers. Will definitely have pics today! Exciting times for me.

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