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visine or not

  1. wouldnt be caught dead without it

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  2. ya if i have to (or remember cuz im stoned and i cant ever remember where i put shit)

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  3. wouldnt be caught dead putting shit into my eyes to hide my pride from the man

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  1. hey

    ive noticed that alot of u have pictures of ur stashes with visine bottles.

    personally ive never used the stuff.

    what about u?
  2. Well I chose the last option, but I do put them in, very rarely though. Maybe 1% of the time. If I have a concert I have to perform in, or a job interview, then yes. Any other time, no.
  3. never unless ... i use washroom at home and i see that there like RED but or if my parents are on the verge of catchin me

  4. you go to job interviews stoned? thats pretty damn ballsy...

    i dont carry around visine or go on a search for it when im stoned, but if someone has it on them, i'll put a drop in... i kinda like having blood shot eyes (when they DO get bloodshot which is hardly ever nowadays), its fun to let everyone know what you've been up to with just one look :D
  5. Hey man, fuck Visine, get the good stuff. Bausch and Lomb Opcon A. Visine doesn't work one tenth as good as Opcon. Opcon ALWAYS works, no matter how stoned you are. Another good thing about Opcon: it lasts all damn day! One drop per eye in the morning after a nice wake 'n' bake, and you're set all the way until your midnight toke. Opcon is available at your local convenience store's health/beauty department, so pick up your bottle today..... :)

    Oh, I forgot. It's prescription strength. Can't say that about visine/clear eyes....

  6. The few that I've had... :(
  7. the few you have? shouldnt that be a good thing? i mean... the more you take, the more you must get fired from the last, right?

  8. hey no soliciting on the city! haha...

    are you getting paid for this? are you sure your not some opcon salemen trying to get sales on the pot smokers website? this situation kinda remindes me of the scene in happy gilmore when hes doing the subway comercial, and now im laughing my ass off, hahaha.....

  9. Damn, you're on to me.....

    Nah, I'm not an Opcon salesman. Although I did think about buying stocks in Bausch and Lomb, then advertising Opcon for them for free. If every pot smoker that uses visine/clear eyes used Opcon A just once, they'd switch permanently.....

    1. Buy stocks in Bausch and Lomb
    2. Spread the word about Opcon A to fellow stoners worldwide
    3. Profit!!
  10. one of my friends has bausch and lomb eyedrops, I just remeber because of the werid name, and whenever I use them, I can't really say I see the difference..... then again, I wasn't really looking for the difference....

    I use clear eyes, for the sole reason that its the cheapest at $1.99 a bottle. They work, at least for me, and that's all I need
  11. if my eyes are scratchy i will put in some eye drops, but its because i wear contacts and the get dry somtimes, but i dont use it to hide my redeyes from people, dont realy care, cause i can just say its my contacts.
    in the past ive used the drops but they nvr really did anything so i just stopd
  12. i usually dont put in any drops, and its weird like 2 hours after i smoke my eyes are clearer than before i smoked. I usually have red eyes because i wear contacts so it dosent matter if my eyes are red..
  13. 6 months ago I would have picked number 3 but now with all crap going on in my life with drugs im better off just throwing some in for now to hide it up, if I got it.
  14. visine is horrible for your eyes. now tear gel, that is soothing to the eye and takes the red out. it's more expensive but much gentler on the eyeball ;)
  15. i dont know why but my eyes dont get red at all, actually a good thing
  16. I use eye drops all the time, even when I'm not tokin - I wear contacts, and in order to have the right kind of lenses I have to wear a kind that dries out my eyes real bad, so I'm eye dropping all the time.
  17. i dont like putting thinngs in my eye. so ive never used eye drops.

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