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visine helps with drug tests??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by weekendtoker420, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I've never heard of this, and I don't have to worry about drug tests, but I am curious about this.
  2. I've heard of vinegar..... I would buy a few at home test and look up myths on how to pass the test and try each one out. Find one that works out the best.... And deff post it on gc
  3. If you can pour vysine in your cup you might aswell put fake piss in the vysine bottle...Why risk it?
  4. If you drink like an 1/4th-1/2th of the little bottle about an hour before the test you won't have anything to worry about.:devious::devious::devious::devious:
  5. If you don't have fake piss this is probably a good idea. When I was 12 I was hometested for about a two months and I smoked nearly everyday then, probably like 5 times a week, and I walked around with a visine bottle filled with yellow ice tea from a bottle mixed with water that strongly resembled pee. I put this stuff in it that smelled like piss and then I microwaved it for a while each day. I peed about 1/4th of the cup, and put the fake piss for like 1/2, then said I didn't have to pee at the time so I only used 3/4s of the cup. This definitely works for shitty THC home drug tests. I remember one day my parents surprised me with a drug test out of the blue having never ever mentioned drugs to me before while I was stoned and being scared as fuck. I put the cup in the toilet lol.
  6. Ya I can't use fake piss cuz last time I did that person giving me the test didn't think it was warm enough so I had to do it again.

    And fuck drinking the visine lol
  7. Yeah this happened with my very first test where I just put the cup in the toilet. Just stick the piss in the microwave for about 7 seconds and you're good for 3 hours.
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    my friend used visine in his home drug test and it showed positive for PCP. his parents proceeded freaking the fuck out and ground him for months. His dad even drove his car into the backyard and parked in on the patio so that he couldn't take it. that shit was hilarious

    edit: so yea. dont use visine in your drug test
  9. My test only tests for thc so i wouldn't come up positive for pcp.

    The people on erowid usually know their stuff so I'm just looking for someone who has seen it work
  10. I have read it before and they say it works pretty well.

    Is it a drug test from a parent or you going somewhere to get it done or what?

    Fake piss shouldn't be the that hard to use if you read up on it. There are lots of ways to make it happen. Stoners have been doing this for ages, many have perfected methods, just keep looking/reading.
  11. It's just from the parents.

    And they r extremely suspicious of me using fake piss cuz they already caught me using it already.
  12. Keep reading then I guess my man. Google it and see if you can find anything. I'm sure you can find something some where that work for you. Best of luck blade.
  13. Wtf microwave pee.
    Get a empty 5 hour energy bottle
    Make a friend piss in it
    Get 2 hand warmers and rubberbands
    Put the handwarmers around the bottle and strap them with the bands
    Put under nuts=warm bottle

    I done this twice and worked perfect.
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  14. ^^^^I would do this but my dad listens closely at the door so I can't be messing around with a bottle under my nuts.

  15. Dude you need to man the fuck up and tell your parents to stop drug testing you. After all you are 18, right? :rolleyes:
  16. Yeah this, stop being a jew to me.


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