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Visine for Drug Tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iHotbox, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I heard that if you put a few drops of visine in a drug test you will test negative. True or false?
  2. Not 100% sure but it sounds pretty damn false....
  3. I think false.. Lol
  4. When I first read the title of this thread I expected to read a thread about drinking eye drops so that you get the shits to detox....:eek:
  5. lolll
  6. Hahahah nah. I heard of drinking bleach too.. wtf?!

  7. Well that might work if you want to end up in the morgue.

    Wtf is wrong with you people? Eyedrops in a DT? For realz? :confused:
  8. If anything I hear putting a little bit of water in your piss cup it will dilute the piss but I dont know I never had to DT cept for a job once but I took a month T-Break to pass it
  9. i heard if you shit in the cup they can't even test you. boom negative
  10. LOLFALSE. Sorry. Just take a t-break dude, I'm on day 7 of mine.

  11. Hows that been going buddy? :smoke:


  12. when he sees that i think his T-break is over. :smoke:

  13. I was going to start mine today but that just gave me a huge urge to smoke D:

    Not sure why I'm hanging around on here if I need to take a break. Lol
  14. Okay if you really need to pass a drug test here you go:
    As long as it's a cheap home test and not the lab tests you can pass with a little bit of yellow food coloring and warm water.

    1. make sure no one is in the bathroom with you
    2. get the cup or whatever you're pissing into and fill it with warm water
    3. take your handy dandy yellow food coloring and do one drop.
    4. stir the water with your finger until the water is consistent
    5. if the water isn't the right color then just repeat Step 3
    6. Hand said cup to authoritative figure

    I've used this method twice so far and it's worked like a charm. I took a test this morning, whilst high as fuck I might add, and passed with flying colors.
    So there's my two cents :D Happy Toking!

  15. Dont. Do. It /thread
  16. back in the early 9th grade i had a buddy who just got on probation... i watched his brother and his bros girlfriend talk him into 2 caps of clorox on a gallon of water, he survived but idk about the test lol
  17. Bwahahahaha, dick move. :smoke:

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