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Visine, Clear eyes, or Rhoto v?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by SeanDiesel, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Which are:
    - Clear up faster (eyes less red, less dry)
    - price
    - etc.

    i need some opinions, and help choosing since my eyes tend to whack out real bad after a sesh.
  2. Rhotos make your eyes unnaturally white, and sting (alhohol in them)

    I use clear eyes because they are contact friendly :)
  3. They have alcohol in them? i want something that hydrates and gets the red out fast.
  4. Rhoto is the best... its like an orgy on ur eye
  5. Rhotos are awesome, they make your eyes very white and they tingle like crazy, it feels really good. They have never messed with my contacts.
  6. Effective:
    Visine Cool, always does the trick.

    Clear up:
    Clears up quick, within less than five minutes. Takes away the dryness completley and feels absolutly amazing on the eyes; easy for first-time eyedrop use.

    ~ $9.00
    Many people I know steal 'em but I figure I'm already breaking the law by using drugs so why not? ;)

    Throw them in your pants pocket or somewhere warm. When they warm up you cannot even feel them land into your eye and make your eyes feel almost soothed, love 'em. Used to use these literally 2 minutes before class and by 5 minutes in I'd be clear.

    Trust me, my eyes are whack too :)

    Edit: Blue & white box!
  7. I don't wear contacts i just want something that works fast feels good and is priced pretty reasonably. thanks for your help though. i use visine and they aren't the best for me
  8. Thanks :)
  9. [​IMG]

    Sort of like Rhoto-V's but they don't burn as bad and work better IMO
  10. visine advanced relief work really good. i havent used them in a while thouhg cause i dont really care if my eyes are red. i might pick up some rhoto's though just cause i have heard alot of hype on them.
  11. What is this burn? ive always been a visine guy but now they are either not working or idk,
  12. Rohto is great. I use Arctic, but I'm used to it. The green cap ones (don't know the name) are much less harsh and still get the job done. I think they're like $7 a bottle but they're definitely worth it.
  13. this is what im looking for thanks bro.
  14. I like the Rhoto V - Ice, The green cap, they take the red out of my eyes really quickly and they feel amaaaaazinnng.
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    go with dre and get them visine for the tight red eyes
  16. Visine doesn't really work for me if you read before you posted.
  17. oh sorry only read the topic. rhoto green and blue cap are really good.
    great because the drops are just so fucking chronic... it burns, but in a good way and feels really fucking good .. lol

    if it doesnt work for you, then why the hell did you put it in the title? lol
  18. There are different kinds and i`m looking to see what everyone picks so i can try it out.
  19. well i stick to visine!

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