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  1. NOTE: Please keep any immature stuff out of this thread, its not needed. :)

    Alright a little background info.

    When i was in high school i was held back in the ninth grade due to suspensions and absent days. So, when i returned to school i was in a freshmen class...

    And there she was. So say love at first sight doesn't exist... well believe me it does. I knew from the moment i saw her, i wanted her. So as the year progresses, we become close. And then BOOM! She goes. New foster family. I loose complete contact with her.

    Then, 2 years later, i get an IM From her. We end up talking on the phone that night for 4 hours. Our relationship blossoms again, only this time we start dating.

    In that time We argued once and that was over who would win a fight, Dora the explorer or Patty for that show doug. I would do everything for this girl. Travel 20 miles to see her, take her out, do what she wanted to do. No complaints. And then she is kicked out of her foster home, and sent to a Group home.

    For 2 months i could only talk to her on tuesday and thursday for 30 minutes on the telephone, i wrote her everyday, and i would drive an hour every sunday at 8 am to see her for an hour. In which if i even held her hand, i would then be deined visitation.

    A week before her release (18th birthday) She leaves me.

    So now her Grandmother has passed away who she really loved and has come to me for comfort.

    Well, she just sent me a message asking if i still think about her, in which i do almost daily. And it seems like she wants to start dating again by some of the other things she is saying,

    So the question is this: If it comes down to it, should i take her back?

  2. Can you stand not?
  3. Fuck, that's the issue. I don't believe i could. I have no idea.
  4. only you can make that choice, if it was me i wouldnt have talked to her after the breakup probably. BUT if you care enough about her it might be worth taking another chance
  5. And the magic 8-ball says..... "Outlook Not To Good"

    You may care deeply for this young woman (I assume young, you sound early 20's, 20-21?) but tread lightly my friend. It does sound like she want's to start dating you again but you may be in only for more heart ache. The death of some one to love deeply can send you on a wild emotional ride that may not end where you want it to. She may not be herself because of granny's passing and once she's begun to heal from her grandmothers death she may take off again. Try not to be reckless with your heart or others.

    That being said I am a proponent of Love, and taking risks is part of it. If the chance you two saying together is worth the risk of her leaving again than my friend you have all my best wishes.

  6. I'm a proponent of true love.
  7. Honestly, no dude. Don't take her back. She realizes she can fall back on you and take advantage of you wanting her for so long.

    Trust me
  8. So, i spent the day texting her at work, and She told me the only reason she left me is she didn't feel that it was right for me to wait on her (She was 17 at the time). She was in a Foster Group Home.

    I'm guessing she forgot that fact i waited on her for almost 2 years when she moved away.

    So, we continue to talk, and she tells me she's sorry and that she shouldn't have broken up with me and all that riff raff. I told her that i forgive her, which seemed to make her alot happier. She wants to come over sometime this week and speak in person, but that to me would be kinda akward. On the other side, im dying to see her. As she's the girl of my dreams. I don't know. I just don't.
  9. if you don't, you risk wondering about it the rest of your life...

    if you do, you're risking your heart again...

    i would do it-
    if she means that much to you , you should try again
  10. I agree, I would say go with your gut. If you go for it and get back with her, and it doesnt work out, would it be worth it, just for the experience either way?
    Love can be a wretched bitch, but what would life be like if we didnt experience her wicked ways.
  11. Yeah loves a bitch.

    As Villie Valo said, Loves the funeral of hearts.
  12. So, i just found out she might move to NY. Wow.
  13. I assume thats not very close to you, sorry man but if she moves away you don't have much of a choice to move on, your still young so you should be alright.
    The road will be tough.
  14. Not too, too far but still far. We've been apart for close to a year now and i still just cant move on (i know, i know... laammme) The closest thing i have to relationships are one nighters and stiff like that.

    Let me put it this way... You know how some say there's plenty of fish in the sea? Well, she was the one you'd keep, hang up on you wall, and get drunk with your buddies and talk about how beautiful she is.
  15. truer words never spoken
  16. I completely agree. And i think i am. She's coming by tomorrow. We had an interesting conversation about everything, Saying that leaving me was the worst thing she has ever done and other things of that nature.

    So, i guess i'll have all of this figured out in the very near future.

    Thanks to everyone who provided their 2 pennies.
  17. Alriiiight, so.

    She moved to NY and has been there for a few days now (little less than a week) and i wake up to her text. It states that she's already sick of NY and is comming back. I asked her why, and she said reality kicked in and she has everything she needs in MD... and that there was no point to moving.

    Also, i was browsing through an old HDD last night and found this picture. Thought i'd share it with you guys and gals.

    (i would be the one sitting down.)

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