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  1. Im not sure. But i think I got a virus from GC. Mcaffee says my computer is protected. I ran a scan, it found nothing. The only time it acts up is when I try to access my grow journal. The last 2 or 3 times I tried to post pics in my journal, My computer went crazy with pop-ups, duplicating the screen that Im on many many times. Could this virus be detrimental to my grow. I dont want to seem too paranoid here, but could someone be trying to get info about my grow so they can break into my house and steal my garden?
  2. McAffee is junk. Download Microsoft Security Essentials and/or AdAware and run a scan with those (in safe mode if you can(google how)). Should clear your problem right up. Seriously doubt someone is trying to get info about your grow, it's probably just like you said, a virus (or more correctly/likely adware/malware) you picked up somewhere. Nothing to be seriously concerned about, but you do want to get it scanned and taken care of before you go to any sensitive sites like online banking or anything involving credit cards/bank accounts.

    Good luck!

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