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  1. So i got a nasty virus last night and im desperate to get rid of it. Should i just buy some nortons from best buy or what are my best options? Whoever creates these viruses sucks at life.
  2. avast! - Download Free Antivirus Software or Internet Security

    one of the best antivirus' and its free

    as well getting a spyware program is a good idea as well, I used to use AVG free, but moved to avast about 2 months ago, when I installed it and it did its first scan, came up with about 15 items AVG would skip over

    its very non-intrusive and works great
  3. yea use avast's boot scan, then use malwarebytes to fucking REMOVE anything nasty, then leave avast open always cause it will block the sneakiest of shit you'd never expect some sites to put crap on that do
  4. Since my bf is a certified computer tech, he recommends getting Avira security. It's free just like avast, just better.
  5. im certified in CIS 1 and 2 and CISCO and i worked at IBM till last october. Avira/Avast/malwarebytes all good choices :)
  6. I just stopped using avira after getting hit with a horrible virus while watching a streaming movie. It was bad, less than a minute after avira told me about it, I had a fake antivirus installed to my computer and I couldn't open ANY programs, including task manager.

    Switched to threatfire and comodo, they seem to give much better protection when combined, and are also free.
  7. no one ever hits up malwarebytes in safemode...thats the best way man, those BS antivirus virus' only work when you aint in safemode, boot to safemode, run malware on full scan poof gone
  8. Actually, that's exactly what I ended up doing. It worked great, but avira shouldn't have let that crap through in the first place.
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    Avira isn't better, it's got a higher false heuristics count (a.k.a. false virus tagging/stuff that's actually clean is detected as a virus). I recommend avast free, I'm using that now because honestly I'm too lazy to install a crack for anything else. If you're using firefox, you can also use addons that block certain scrips, ads, and counters so you are less likely to get any drive-by-downloads ran on your computer. Just ask for help if you need it.

    @Sirsog, not intending to flame/talk shit to you in any way but those certs. mean nothing, they just say that you were awake to pay attention to that class &/or study for the exam's. I have sat through an A+ certification class, Net+ cert, MS Basic cert, and a few others and I slept in every single one of them, got an F for the semester in those classes, then passed the exams with higher scores than most of the other students in my class, just because I 'know some people' on the net, and I'll leave it at that.
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    programmers dont suck at life .... (we are the elite of the cyberworlds)

    most programmers make virus as a first program cuz its easier to make something not work then it is to build something to make something to work

    ur best bet is to find a windows disk and wipe the whole hard drive clean and make a new partition and start from a fresh format of windows its probably been wrote to registry for windows bootup u could goto and installl 30 day trail of pro then scan yur system that way if it cant be removed ur only bet is to do option one or buy new hard drive if u need help shoot me a pm a real hacker woulda made that virus FUD aka Fully undetected at scan time from antivirus and runtime when clicked
  11. I can suggest you to use ProteMac NetMine. It is very reliable software.
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