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  1. i got a worm virus of sorts what do i do. im downloading an antivirus program hopefully it helps?
  2. AVG free or Adaware free. Be sure to download the updates and then disconnect your internet until you do the scan, remove the virus and restart your computer then you can plug the internet back in. (Some trojans will try to re-download)
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  3. i got avg free but it wont remove it says i have to get the other version which costs
  4. if that doesnt delete it, get a program called will stop and shut down any program that isnt critical to your evertyhing that does HAVE to be running, will be turned off....that would turn it off..

    also, defragment your computer...i recomend starting it before you go to sleep, becuase if you havent defragmented your computer before, its going to take many many hours.
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  5. malwarebytes saved my computer so many times. I use avg to delete malware/trojan but it can't delete it so I found this software, and it works perfect!
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  6. thanks guys hopefully something will work
  7. Download AVG free. Remember to fully update. Run the scan, and remove everything it finds.
    Download Malware Bytes, REMEMBER to update, and run the scan- remove everything it finds.
    Download Spybot search and destroy/Ad-aware. Remember to update, and run the scans.

    You should be clean as it can get!
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  8. malwarebytes ftw! i use that too.

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