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Discussion in 'General' started by SirKevin, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I've gotten this window three times in the last 20 mins... what shold I do!?!?

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  2. put it in quaranteen??? thats a start to fixing it..
  3. buy a mac
  4. LMFAO, I want to know where you got that Leapfrog. I could use that about 500 times a day here.

    EDIT: tinyurl threw me off, nevermind :laughing:
  5. If I clicked that link, i think it would make me wanna reformat my computer.
  6. Yeah, I haven't clicked it :p

    Virus problem isn't gone yet though :(
  7. Then click the link.. It's not a virus and will help you out a ton.
  8. naw the links cool, it's just a "letmegooglethatforyou" thing.
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    Ugh, a few days ago I got a fucked up Trojan.Vundo virus from surfin the web, watchin porn.

    It fucked up my comp badly and I actually had to buy a whole new hard drive to fix it.

    Try AVG Virus scan or Avast! Home, these are good programs
  10. ive got avast right now. its working really well. last my scan came up with 5 fuckin viruses. all from the same friend who got them off his bebo that are transferable through msn. fuckin punks.

    ive only got the limited trial though :(
  11. I'm getting AVG's trial version now... hopefully it can clear it up :( Apparently the risk level is low so hopefully it'll be okay until I can sort it out.

    And to the dude who posted the link... obviously I googled it.
  12. It might seem stupid to some but reinstalling your OS every few months is what I do. Keeps you at peek performance as well, no need to have virus software running taking up resources.

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