Virus + Heat Stress?

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    Orange Bud -Male Plants. These reminds me of Mosaic Virus alots. Should I destroy it? It has streak since the seedling stage. They plants seem to be very vigrous and compact.

    Seeds from a friend of mine. The seedling I grew earlier is divine. But this seedling seem to has streak... Mosiac virus again?

    SFV OG Kush. Very strong strain but his clones has streaks and slow growing compare to my Afgani and Bubba Kusk.
    Virus again?

    Yellow Spot on my very tall Orange Bud female (2). Maybe getting too tall and too close to the light?

    Question? How I can stop this virus from spreading. How does it happen and should I discard infected plants?

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  2. check the pH of your soil. i suspect it is off a little bit. you can do this by testing the pH of the runoff.

    as long as your pH is correct (between 6.4-6.8), give it some epsom salts (magnesium sulfate.) 1 tsp per gal. i think your plant has a magnesium deficiency. i had some strange things happen like that to a few plants before, as well. they ended up yeilding around 4oz. per plant. so dont throw yours out :smoke:
  3. I check the SFV OG Kush. It about ph 7. Off by 1 point is it much.
  4. Flush flush flush! U got nute lock out. Follow w 50% feed. Water less and more often nutes everyother time.

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