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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about Virtual Sun 600w MH/HPS Dimmable Digital with 6" enclosed cooling hood?

    Also, any opinions on the MH and HPS light specs? The lumens seem higher than everyone else, but the color temps appear to be lower?

    600W Metal Halide Bulb
    • High Power 600-Watts (MH) Bulb
    • 125,000 Lumens High Output
    • Color Temperature: 4,200k
    • Average Life Span: 10,000 hours
    • Take 1 to 2 Minutes to Reach Full Brightness
    • Our MH bulb give out 10% More light than Standard Bulb
    • 10% Increase of Light Output = 10 % More Plant Growth
    • 30% More Blue/Violet Provides Better Range for Your Plant
    • Fits All Standard 600 Watts MH Grow Light Systems
    600W High Pressure Sodium Bulb
    • High Power 600-Watts (HPS) Bulb
    • 125,000 Lumens High Output
    • Color Temperature: 2,100k
    • Average Life span 20,000 to 24,000 hours
    • Take 1 to 2 Minutes to Reach Full Brightness
    • HPS bulb give out 10% More light than standard bulb.
    • 10% Increase of light output = 10 % more plant growth
    • 30% More Blue/Violet Provides Better Range for your Plant.
    • Fits All Standard 600 Watts HPS Grow Light Systems

    Getting ready to pull the trigger and looking for any helpful advice.
  2. Get ready to sell the car....and the house, ...maybe the girl friend too!


    ps take a look at my blog under 'New Tec'

  3. Sorry, didn't see anything that references this light kit in your New Tech section. Am I missing something?
  4. Mine is their 1000w MH/HPS kit, but there shouldn't be much difference in terms of quality or performance overall. Virtual Sun has the best price on a kit/system that includes a good timer, adj hangers for the hood, power and lamp cords that plug into the ballast, dimable/switchable digital ballast, multiple hood choices and both HPS and MH bulbs included. All for just $279 with the 1000w kit out of So Cal from Max Tool with free shipping anywhere in the US. Reviews are good on Virtual Sun with zero reports on problems or shoddy quality. Though the components are made in China. The 1100w ballast setting produces 10% more light but shortens bulb life.

  5. Great! Thanks, just what I was looking for. Had a good conversation on the phone with Fred at Virtual, and he informed me that they will price match anything out there, so I'll being going with them direct.

    Again, thanks for the report!

    What hood are you using?
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    I chose their standard winged hood to keep the price down, plus I modified the mogul base and junction box to a vertical configuration (don't plan on using the MH bulb that must be operated horizontally). My bloom area is just 42" sq and just over 6 ft tall. It' brighter than $#!T in there and the whole chamber acts as a hood because it's so small for a 1000w HID. While the bulb being in the vertical actually allows the plants to grow taller without getting too close to the bulb's most intense light and heat radiation coming off the arc tube without aiming directly at the plant's top buds.
  7. Again, thanks Cuzin Red. Sounds like an interesting bloom area you're using!

    My area is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3x3, so I'll be going with the 6" cool hood.

    What are you using to veg? I'm going with the MH, but I'm interested in hearing from people that aren't using theirs. I still have time to change my mind.....just soaking it all in and trying to make the wisest, most economical decision I can make.
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    Forgot to mention that at the ceiling I made a custom cut panel hood that fits to the 42" interior and is painted ultra flat white like the walls. Around the center apex where the bulb hangs from lightweight chain (for adj bulb ht.) 4, 1" X 5" slots vent off heat from the bulb into a sealed and sound attenuated interstitial plenum that has an Activair 180 cfm squirrel cage blower at the other end hooked to a roof vent. With the way the entire bloom chamber is enclosed with doors and air inlet holes feeding fresh, cool and CO2 laden air from near the floor to under the tight canopy it all effectively functions as a cool tube and the Qrazy Train plants love it.
    For veg I use a 2' X 3' X 4' tall box w/4 55w (200w equiv.) cool white CFLs, and 2, 150w vert. HPS I switch on the last 10 days out of the month long veg stage to adjust/prep the plants more intense HPS spectrum before they go in the bloom unit. Found it makes a smoother transition and slightly bigger yields by going to the trouble.

    Edit: I mentioned it on another thread but I've used only a HPS for the entire cycle except the cloning stage. They work just fine for veg. The reason I'm using the CFLs is to save electricity.
  9. Does this whole setup and light give the same effects like the sun and the plants grow at a good space and better than the normal soil farming. That all is quite new to me a surprised a bit.
  10. The mh bulbs suck and virtual sun reviews their reviews lol! Seriously go with htg supply far superior quality and service!

  11. Thing is, you're about the only one I've heard with that competitor's lame counter review hook reek.
    Have to actually have a brain to make B$ fly. But that's lacking too.
    Too many have gotten good results for the price with Virtual Sun for a better price than u can deal with. Oh wannh!
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    This is a good place to comment on the bigger picture racket that's duped so many otherwise smart people. The plain fact is other than the digital ballasts represent a significant improvement, that's the exception to the rule. To cut to the chase, I have never witnessed any significant increase in quality or quantity yields by going with any of the latest state of the art grow toys and ultra super lumen blaster infinite spectrum lamps, LEDs or whatever. The focus is always on the end result, kick-ass bud alone! Unless you're running a big op, all the sophisticated and toooooo expensive grow gear only pads the bank accounts of those selling it. A Virtual Sun system is plenty good quality at half the price or less. Save your money, the buds will be just as good and taste all the sweeter as a result. Having been at this since before anyone heard of HID lights.

    Edit: Case in point. There's a certain well known grow store in Puyallup, Wa that caters strictly to the over-the-top, over-hyped current grow scene. Due to those they cater to with a noxious attitude to suit, I only stop by for the Botanicare Pure Blend I pick up every few mos. because it's close to home.
  13. spend a extra $25 an go to an get a 6 year warranty on your ballast.

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