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  1. We've recently completed Virtual Grow 2, our simulation game designed to teach the basics of growing. Being the first non-BETA version we're looking for feedback from the people it might benefit...
    All comments are appreciated!
    *This is a completely free tool, we're not trying to sell anything!
  2. hmm that seems alot like a virtual grow game im playing right now called High grow, ill check out your game too.
  3. This game differs from High Grow as it isn't a real time game. I think many have a tendency to forget about their grows with HG!

    With Virtual Grow you can set it to move forward 1 day or 6 hours, growing up to 5 plants at a time. When you're done you can then save it off and carry on where you last left off...
  4. i'd like to try your game but my computer is was to old and slow, and doesnt have enough room to download anything.
  5. I had virtual grow 1 and thought it quite good....the only thing i didn't like was the fact that you allways had to select the plant to do anything....annoying sometimes when you were trying to grow 5 plants.....oh and i also ordered seeds from you's....well impressed with the delivery and timescale.....i bought Hawaii Maui and i was wondering what was the flowering time of that it 8 weeks??.....Peace out....Sid
  6. Hey sidious,

    You'll be pleased to hear that you don't have to keep selecting each plant in this version - but you do have to remember to unselect them when you only want to do something to one plant!

    In answer to your question Hawaii Maui should flower in 7 - 8 weeks.
    Pleased to hear you found our service satisfactory, and thanks for trying out VG!
  7. I downloaded VG but when I tried to install, it installed all the files except the exe. file, apparently when it reaches the
    MS scripting file Windows delivers an error message. I'm running Windows 95 B which may be the problem. Anyway I'll
    figure something out however any advice would be appreciated.
    I'm sittin here with order form in hand and gettig ready to puchase a money order, I noticed you accepted International
    money orders but would an American Express MO do?

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  8. A lot of the time i get a run time error half way through a game and it shuts the game down....i think it's my pc but i'm not too sure.....Peace out....Sid
  9. Paul Jamtgaard,

    I must admit VG2 hasn't been tested with win95 yet so that could well be the problem.
    In answer to your question an American Express MO should be fine.


    It is possible that it was your computer but the first three versions were all BETA and still quite buggy. Version 2 also now has a full saving function just incase anything should go wrong!
  10. hey i am playing VG1 and its pretty good, i tried to get VG2 and it doesnt work. my email is if you can send me the download directly
  11. This is pretty good for first time growers man thanks!

  12. This dude is so a douchebag. I bet you that the email is some other link, with a big scary virus in it. I am so not clicking it. Whoaaaaaaaaa. twice
  13. yea cause you cant copy and paste an email... what a moron
  14. The email is not a link. This guy clearly did a google search and found this ancient thread, and then registered to post. If you didn't notice, it's from 2002 and some people are using Windows 95
  15. lol old thread. This concept sounds cool, any updated games like this out there?

  16. Oh man... Really????

    I genuinely regret calling you out on that... I was stupid to jump to conclusions.

    Peace dude.
  17. do you have VG2 download, my bad, thought you were just bein a dick
  18. No worries had only 1 post, and already had an email up, so it looked as though it was a scam. There have been some stupid fucks on this site that do stuff like that...really pisses me off. Peace dude
  19. and thats why we dont jump to conclusions.
  20. Ok, i know its a couple of years back..buuut, anyone have some cheat passwords for this game?
    I've googled, but the website is gone..and wayback machine finds nothing :(

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