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hOW Old

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  2. 12-16

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  3. 17-21

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  6. I havent penetrated or been penetrated....YET!

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  1. So the question old where ya'll when you lost your oh so precious virginity..Too young?...Too old?
  2. First blowjob when I was 13.
    Lost my virginity at 15
  3. i was 6... she was 18... she learned pretty quick
  4. 16 seems to be when most people lost it.. I lost it at 16..

  5. i lost it WITH A DUDE lol at 18.
  6. 16 i think.. maybe 17

  7. Why is it funny? you a dude yourself?

  8. see her av... does that give you any clues?
  9. haven't lost it yet :D

    ...waiting 'til marriage
  10. Yes, I was 16 too but almost 17. I would've done it sooner but my boyfriend at the time was a pussy and wanted to wait awhile I guess. I just remember being horney as hell starting at 14 or 15 and I still am. I think I just end up with the wrong guys!
  11. 16 or 17... smoked too much sence then.. can't remember..
  12. hmm, always feels dangerous posting on such sensitive topics when there are people i know in real life frequenting the boards now.

    if you know me, and think this might be the type of thing you might not want to know... stop reading now. lol

    i havnt. when i was beating the girls of with big sticks (well not quite), when i wanted to, i was either not ready or later no one else seemed to want to (its my fault really, i just didnt try hard enough)... and now... i'm not bothered, i'm not worried about bowing down to social pressures, peer pressure, etc, whatever. just gonna happen when it happens with someone i actually give two hoots about. but it is a shame that my sexual peak is slipping past me and its not been put to use to its fullest potential.

    i got more important things on my mind than the No. 1 recreational activity on the planet. :p

    i'm not bothered if people know this or not about me... it does bother me when they start look down at me as if im less of a human being because i've not been running the risk of spreading disease or over-populating the planet. ;D
  13. 16...... an how sweet it
  14. ahh dude, i know exactly what you mean :)

    ..and Digit.. sorry but i have to ask... how old are you?


  15. hahaha LMAO........ 14 here...
  16. I lost mine when I was 18...I'd sell my soul to get it back.

    All my life I dreamt of the day when I would get married and could wear white legitimately...unfortunately for me, my exboyfriend Brendan was an asshole, and didn't care about my dreams. Now I have to wear, don't say "You can still wear white, who's gonna stop you?"....I don't deserve to wear white. Honestly, if there was a way to get it back, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  17. ya fuckin 14 baby

  18. yer, shes a she :)

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