Virginia Anyone???

Discussion in 'General' started by stormc1234, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. please post if you live in Virginia

    Am i the only one stuck here haha?
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  2. Virginia Beach? if so are yall extremely low on dank too?
  3. hey girl here from 540 area :)
  4. Chesapeake. I usually get more before i run out so not low over here :) I don't know what id do if i couldn't find it!

  5. well damn your close
  6. im in the 804 right outside of Richmond
  7. too expensive for my taste.
  8. Harrisonburg too. JMU student?
  9. What you mean stuck!!?? Grew up 757, college in the 540!!!
  10. im in the 804 yo

  11. same here brah!
  12. 757! Reppin' from Suffolk.
  13. everyone should join the virginia tokers club on my profile please

    -answer questions going on in are area
  14. No other VT students? Just picked up some beast, bout to roll a bleeezy. :smoking:

  15. me too.

  16. Pritchard Hall representin'.
  17. I live in Richmond, currently at VT in Blacksburg. Yeah, Pritchard blows.

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