Virgin Island Glass

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  1. I picked this piece up in in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin islands about 2 years ago. It was my first piece and its the love of my life. Just thought i would share with yall.

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  2. nice really like the colors, i miss my 1st piece stole it from a china man was wooden and brass, broke it trying to clean it :(
  3. shits tight.
  4. shit looks so simple and nice, liking the colors alot
    dnt kno wat else to say but nice piece:hello:
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    Thanks everyone but yeah the colors are my favorite part. Its overall perfection for me tho the bowl size, carb size ect.... I wanna try to keep it my whole life, that would be cool.:hello:

    And it looks better with the orange bic just didnt have one :(

  6. karma
  7. karma?
  8. nice peice and nice bud i havent been able to get dank around here in a while
  9. Where you live man?

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