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  1. Hi there fellow enthusiasts!

    I'm a first time grower, long time herb lover. I also believe it shouldn't be that hard to grow a good smokable herb!

    I aim to plug away at it till I can develope an idiot proof guide to growing herb for the layman!

    Any and all help, hints, do's & don'ts will be greatly appreciated.

    Got a second hand steel filing cabinet and removed all inner shelves. 1.8m(high)x1.2m(wide)x.56m(deep)
    Top and bottom covered with sisolation and walls covered with diamond mylar - all stuck down with aluminium tape.

    1 x 357 Magnum led growlight
    357w pure efficient flower producing power(compares to 600w hid)
    11 dialed in spectrums through 30, 60 and 90 degrees with full spectral spectrum control
    50 000 hrs life cycle with 3 year warranty.

    Grow medium:
    Organic Promix - 1 litre
    Ground dolomitic lime - 1 tbs
    Hydro balls - 200 ml
    Placed into 8l planter bags and watered with propogation mix - 2 litre h2o, 4 drops bioroots and 2ml Kelpac.

    The beans:
    Ordered feminised auto amphetamine from cream of the crop seeds via attitude seeds in the u.k.
    Hope to receive them by friday!
    2nd run will be auto bubblelicious from nirvana seeds.

    The goal:
    Aim to grow 10 plants averaging ±20 - 25g per plant(200-250g total yield)

    So what do you guys think?
    Any glaring ommisions or blatant errors?

    Waiting in anticipation for some feedback!
  2. no ventilation?  you're gonna bake in there
  3. Got a few holes in the top back corners but I was told the led's don't produce heat. What do you suggest?
  4. Winter fast approaching, but this is sunny South Africa. Light has fans to extract mechanical heat hence the holes in top back corners.
    Diodes don't generate direct heat like standard lamps or so I'm told.
  5. every energy exchange creates a heat byproduct, those fans just circulate it but they're not pushing it out of the cabinet and pulling fresh air in like you need to
  6. What do you suggest?
  7. a centrifugal fan, probably a 4"
    less than $100 here via amazon, not sure what options you have out there
  8. Sweet, I'll do some homework and see what's localy available.
    Thanks for the advice
  9. no problem
    you also want a small rotating fan to keep air circulating around in there
    also, consider growing fewer plants, but bigger.  Use 5 gal pots and leave about .5x.5m for each
    be careful growing them too big in veg, they'll get much bigger during the first 2 weeks of flowering (12/12 light cycle)
  10. Right, I'm back, after some deliberation I have bowed to superior knowledge and wisdom!

    Spent the equivilant of $103 - total now hovering around the $1 100!! Shit it's an investment! Right?

    Decided to go with a Xpelair DX100 extractor fan which is usually used in bathrooms(very powerful) and a louver grid.

    I'll mount extractor fan externally on top right side of cabinet.
    Louver grid will be mounted externally in bottom left corner.

    Not gonna hack with oscillating fan for interior right now. Hoping that strength of extractor will aid with this.

    I am considering using a slow release co2 system(medical drip with vinegar and baking soda).
    Any thoughts on this?
  11. Also got 10 beans on the way - will split into 2 grows. Upsizing to 20l(5 gallon) bags - 4 or 5 p/grow.
    What kind of harvest should I be aiming for? Do you think 50g p/tree is unrealistic?

    Let the ideas flow!
  12. Also got 10 beans on the way - will split into 2 grows. Upsizing to 20l(5 gallon) bags - 4 or 5 p/grow.
    What kind of harvest should I be aiming for? Do you think 50g p/tree is unrealistic?

    Let the ideas flow!
  13. Sorry that was twice.
  14. If youre pulling a bunch of air out with exhaust then you cant run additional co2 because it will get sucked out. I would 2 or 3 plant scrog/lst in that space. You have more than enough height, but leds don't penetrate that well. Better than cfls but not as good as hid. 357? So its got 3w diodes. You should do fine if you train an even canopy.
  15. Reason I've gone led is due to consumption and operating costs.
    Have you used led?
    Check out
    What kind of yield should I be aiming for?
  16. Ha!
    Just collcted extractor fan and louvre grid!
    Hoping when I get home my beans are waiting for me!
    Let the games begin!
  17. Looking forward i got my feet kicked up and a chair pulled. Let's see what happens feel free to pm me with questions
  18. Dissapointed by the South African post office!! Probably on strike!

    "Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace and Grace is a little bitch that doesn't wash her face!"

    Well let's hope by wednesday(allow for africa time)

    Till then keep tokin'
  19. WooHoo!!
    My beans have arrived!
    Just collected from the post office at long last.
    10 x Cream of the crop auto Amphetamine - NYC Diesel x ruderalis.
    Will start germination and propogation on first 4 tonight!
    Watch this space.
  20. Selected best four beans and soaked in sterilised water overnight, will put into jiffy propogation pellets with propogation mix: 4 drops bio-roots, 2ml Kelpac with 2 litre water today

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