VIRGIN grower needs assistance.....which strain opinions please

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  1. Hi GC, I've just returned from an 8 month trip around Europe. During the course of my travels i visited the home of weed AMSTERDAM!!! If anyones been there they'll know what i'm getting at.
    Anyway cutting to the chase, i came across some awesome strains that i haven't heard of before. I'm back in the states now and want to do my first grow but need help!

    I came across Jack Herer and strawberry cough and liked both but don't know which strain is the most robust for a first time grow. Can anyone help? All advice would be much appreciated.
  2. go northern lights or LSD, first time grows are difficult and you'll run into lots of problems that will affect the outcome of ur final product.. jack herer and strawberry cough aren't easy plants.. jack herer is known to be tricky. also strawberry cough in seed form isn't the same as what you have had from amsterdam unfortunately..
  3. Good suggestions tKB. I'm going to leave the "home of weed" statement alone...LOL...those who truly know strains know the truth.:D
  4. hi! i think that jack herer is a good strain one of my favourites, but is not very easy to grow never tried strawberry cough so i cant say, but if you are a begginer i recommend you the skunk family: skunk#1, super skunk, and another of my favourites critical+from dinafem the easiest i tried ever. it flowers in45-50 days is a big producer and easy as fuck. skunk for me means good harvest, good yields,good potency and none problem.
    indicas are most of the times easier than sativas, northern lights is another good chance, california indica,master kush...
    good luck
  5. Hi guys, Sorry for the slow reply my internet has been down for the past week. Thanks for input its much appreciated. I looked into Northern Lights a little more and it seems that it would more suited to an outside grow as they grow pretty tall don't they?
    LSD or Master Kush I think is my first choices so now its just down to finding the best place to buy? I've had a look through the reccomended sellers thread on here anyone got any personal favourites?
    Thanks again :)
  6. check this out, you may want to put off ordering for a few days.

    and the height of the plant can be manipulated, so it really is not an issue.. look into Supercropping, L.S.T., and Topping....just an FYI

    gotta second the super skunk suggestion though...

  7. Hi virgin, Welcome to GC. I started on Jack Herer for my first grow many years back... completely wasted my time and a fair bit of money as it is not easy. Definitely agree that Skunk is a good starting point, i have bought from these guys for the last 2 years so could be worth a look:

    Super Skunk Marijuana Seeds High Quality Low Prices
  8. Do your homework on growing first and get a good set-up. IF you know what you're doing and put your time in you can grow whatever you want. You're growing one of the most resiliant plants on earth, it's not rocket science ;)

    I'm a fairly new grower (though I had a foot in the door as I did grow up around it), look around and get the right books, then spend some time getting a good grow room/cab then you're ready to rock. If you're growing outdoors you'd be suprised what some networking and luck can do.. My outdoor strain has been climatized to my area for 40 years and was handed down to me from a guy who had it handed down to him like 25 years ago.

    And on a side note I'm pretty sure I live in the "home of weed" and it's a looonngg way from Amsterdam. There's a reason soo many Amsterdam seed banks advertise themselves as being BC seed companies ;)
  9. how bad does skunk smell when flowering outside , and harvesting ?
  10. Get some African Queen from Kannabia seed company.

    Easy to grow, quick flowering, nice buds.

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  11. it can get stinky, it is not called skunk for nothing, Super skunk has a lower smell though ..and is much easier to grow then Skunk #1
  12. just looking for a short hearty auto indica easy to grow. atleast an oz per plant
  13. And on a side note I'm pretty sure I live in the "home of weed" and it's a looonngg way from Amsterdam. There's a reason soo many Amsterdam seed banks advertise themselves as being BC seed companies ;)[/QUOTE]

    Thanks moose, i'm actually starting to regret using the 'home of weed' statement in my initial post. It was perhaps sligthtly naive, i hadn't done a lot of research prior to posting the thread.

    I appreciate the advice, i've got my hands on a couple of books one of which is The Indoor Outdoor Medical Growers Bible, i've started reading and planning my grow area, theres a heap to consider but feeling alot more confident about starting.

  14. Thanks for the heads up DeoffGeoff, i've come acoss this website before. Its got some good feedback on the forums and super skunk is a defo possibility. Thanks for the advice
  15. Thanks again for all the advice i'm going to take some time to plan a good grow set up now. If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to share. I live in a apartment with a couple of big cupboards i think would be perfect to for a grow set up. I'll try get some pictures uploaded.
    My only problem is a lack of ventilation and i dont want the apartment to be stinking come flowering time.
  16. If you like Jack Herer try jack's stronger little sister C99 (cinderella-99)
    The real brothers grimm stock is hard to find but its out there at a common seed bank a lot of people order from.

  17. I'll look into it, think i'm finally starting to get to the point where i know what i'm doing. Thanks again everyone for all the advice.
  18. Hi. Did you consider this strain? African Queen.

    Look at pic ?> :smoking:
  19. I haven't at the mo, need to do some research on it first. Any i suggestions on websites to check it on? Got to admit the pic looks pretty heavy!
  20. one thing you may want to do a bit more research into is Autoflowering strains such as lowryder etc. Normally i would say to steer well clear of any of these as teh genetics have been so badly mutilated to get them to do what they do, but they do flower very quickly and with only a modicum of difficulty. It can be a good way to get your confidence up:p

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