Virgin Grower - Lots of pics, feedback appreciated!

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  1. Now then..... So 1st time grower and newbie to the community set up is as follows;

    250W Dual Spec CFL
    Converted Fridge Grow Space (Moving into tent 2-3 weeks)
    4" Fan /w Carb Filter
    B&Q MultiPurpose Compost Medium
    5 Litre Pots
    Root tonic used around 1-2ml per l

    Growing 3 plants (one by accident) 2 Gnomo Auto 1 Berry Ryder.

    The two bigger plants (Gnomo and Berry Ryder) are 14 days old. The other stunted plant sprouted from the same pot as the other Gnomo after I re-seeded thinking it was dead. It had a bit of trauma removing the seed husk and I had to get the tweezers out after soaking but it seems to have recovered, didn't sprout properly though until 3-4 days after the others.

    Current progress at 14 days looks a little slow? They aren't getting too much water (watering every 4-5 days) and PH of soil around 6. No nutes as its too early but have used the odd batch of root tonic to help growth down below. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!! Did notice some non-symmetry of the larger one and slightly twisting leaves on the Gnomos - a sign of anything?

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  2. Also have 4x 24w T5's coming (a set for vegging and flower to supplement the current CFL).

  3. New tent arrived today, 2x2x4" - would it be best to just get the plants moved into this straight away with the T5's? Or keep them in the existing set up until they get a bit bigger?
  4. Looking fine to me, you got them out of the baby phase which can be a challenge, so good work there. I'd say they're ready for all the light you can give them, whether you do it in the tent or stay put is really up to you, and whatever is best for their environment.

    I'm not familiar with your soil, but looks like maybe you want to add some perlite for aeration when you transplant up.

    Good work on not adding fertilizer and not flooding them - two of the most common mistakes.
  5. Thanks for the response, would transplanting them be more trouble than its worth at this stage and if not how best is it to go about it?

    I definitely need to get a better soil mix next time! Think I'll mix some perlite in to start with :)
  6. Ahh, I didn't see that you were using autos, I just assumed that you were going to be transplanting. Maybe it's not worth it, I'm not real familiar with how autos grow.

    Here's a link to an easy organic soil mix that has changed my entire approach to growing. The plants need nothing but water from start to finish and the quality is outstanding, and it's damn near foolproof.
  7. Ahhh looks fantastic - Cheers! Will be sure to give this a go next time around.
  8. Got the new tent, just pending some ducting to finalise the carbon filter system and the T5's - due either later today or Monday.

    I've brought the light closer than in the previous setup that should help but with the larger volume of air to heat I thought it best to use a cheap greenhouse heater too so growth isn't stunted.

    I've started LST with the smallest youngest Gnomo to see what the comparison will be - What would people recommend to tie the stems down? I have some fishing line somewhere?

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  9. You need to invest in a proper ph meter. Make sure the water going is between 6.2-6.5 and test the runoff water after feeding the plants. I also prefer to test the ppm which can be a combo or separate meter.

    If your staying with T5s than you need to used different bulbs for veg and flowering.

    How tall are you planning on growing too? I as since the size of the pots seem small compared to the tent.
  10. Will be sure to check out a proper PH meter, one of the digital ones best?

    Yeah it'll be T5's x4 and the 250w dual CFL which I currently use. At the moment the plants are only heavy indica autoflowers I thought I'd do as a first sample but I've some taller strains I plan on next e.g. Northern Lights auto + White Widow.

    I definitely need bigger pots next time even for this size of plant though I think - Currently only 5l, thought it looked big in the shop >< doh
  11. Might have done something a bit daft but the second Gnomo I wasn't expecting was in a real small pot - like 3.5l (less than a gallon) so I've replanted the wee lassie into something about double the size (1.5 gallon). Other than add root tonic and give it some dark time is there anything I can do to help with the stress?
  12. ..:: Day 18 ::..

    Things were looking good but I realised my pots were way to small to do justice to the plants without causing root binds. As such, decided to replant from the 2-3l of soil they had into a 7l pot (with better soil too).

    I transplanted my youngest Gnomo yesterday and the bigger one today. The smaller one is looking droopy like overwatered I'm guessing this is shock.

    Fingers crossed they bounce back.

    The berry ryder is doing just fine and I'm not risking a transplant. I'd be happy with one plant making it through alive :smoking:

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  13. MJ is a resilient plant and can bounce back from a lot if conditions become favorable again. And even your droopy one looks fine and will be loving her new home within a week. Bigger pots = bigger roots = bigger plants = bigger buds.

    So now's the time to practice LITFA (Leave It The Fuck Alone). Just sit back and watch Nature do her magic.:smoking:
  14. Cheers bud, I'll get some beers in and take my mind off the green for a while then!
  15. mate i repotted my purple cheese due to tacoing on the leaves it dropped really bad for a few days but dont water it intill the soil is bone dry so the roots can breath alittle mine perked right up after it looks nice agian lol.
  16. Just a quick update - They seem to be perking up slowly... I gave them a good watering after the transplant so everything is pretty damp still so I've put a fan blowing onto the soil to help dry it out and give it some air. Fingers crossed!
  17. Put it in your boiler room when in dark cycle so the dry room will suck out the water
  18. You shouldn't need to dry the soil out. Let the plants drink up what they need an the rest will evaporate off. When it feels like it's completely dry, water. If it looks wet or feels wet about an inch down then leave it til the next day.
  19. Yeah they don't seem overwatered just gave that appearance (was probably the transplant shock). Before I repotted they hadn't been watered for 4-5 days so they should be fine. Humidity in the grow room is higher than normal at the moment though probably just from the top soil evaporating out.
  20. My plant had just been flushed sat for 2 days then repotted its looking nice now though after the tacoing on the leaves

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