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  1. starting a grow in a 2x4x70 tent. Using white rhino seed, airpots and a viperspectre par 600. I see people saying yea that’s good and I see people saying that it’s not enough light I’m just curious if I need to double down and have two of the Viparspectra par600s running. Gonna go with like a 4 plant Scrog, pots are 3 gallons. There’s so much conflicting info out there on these things I’m regretting my supposedly “well informed and researched” choice. People say oh not really true watts and yea that’s the point of LED’s, to draw less watts and give more light output. Advice would be appreciated.
  2. You will definitely go from seed to harvest with the viparspectra just you might not have as higher yield as some of the more costly lights

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  3. thanks! Obviously yield has so many variables it’s almost impossible to say what you should or would have gotten so I guess my question would be is it worth it to get another Viparspectra par600 to increase yield and or less veg time or would that really only provide negligible advantages over just running one light.
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    The Viparspectra 600w only pulls 260 actual watts - not enough for 4 plants if you want to maximize your yield. Don't pay any attention to the equivalents or the coverage on the Chinese blurples - they're intentionally misleading. Power from the wall should be what you look at.

    Unless you plan on doing SOG, 4 plants will be quite crowded in that 2x4 space.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  5. In that size of space id say its just fine mate ive seen people finish with nearly 3 oz per plant on 3 autos with a similiar power light, im running a viparspectra 600w TC model rightnow on my seedling Purple Alaskan autos so will keep you update bro!
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  6. Ah man I’ve got the non auto version of those seeds too! Let me know how yours do!
  7. No way :p here's a link to my thread bro check em out! Purple Alaskan Autos
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