Viparspectra or HPS both 600w

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  1. Of course the viparspectra is only 276w actually but I've seen these baby's do very well.

    I am moving and as a result my 2x4x5 tent will be in the basement (during a very cold winter). I've got 4" inline fan for exhaust with 4"x12" carbon filter and ducting to take the air directly outside... Like, OUTSIDE outside.

    With the LEDs I have (old Mars hydro 300 replica) now... when I bought them earlier this year (during winter) I had to buy warm mist humidifiers for veg but also to keep the tent warm.

    Will the heat from mh/hps keep my tent warm during winter? I know a heater will use more power thus costing more in electric and...

    I found both hps/mh 600w full cooltube kit for the same price as the viparspectra 600/276w actual.

    Which one should I go with?
  2. Definitely hid. Tried and true with less variables. I too went with leds in my basement and,had a he'll of a time trying to keep the tent warm. Hid will do that and provide heat at the same time. Just try to schedule lights on at night when temps are coldest. Heaters cost a lot to run too and can damage plants if,not placed correctly. For some future insight, try combining the two different light sources so you get dense and big flowers as opposed to just one.
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  3. Thank you very much I will do that
  4. Both I've tried them separate and for me flowering under hps&led is unreal

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  5. Well I have two led panels already, I plan on putting seedlings under my 125w CFL 6400k and vegging under one of my led panels in my small tent. My flower tent will still have one of the panels in it... I was pondering hps or just a stronger led but I think I like the idea of both of them together.
  6. my opinion ... 2 mars 300's vs 1 viparspectra ... better spectrum for flower and better coverage.. probably cheaper too
  7. I.use 600hps/mh and 4x800 leds

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  8. In a 2'x4' tent? Lol that just seems outlandish
  9. I had 4x600hps and 4x800.leds in at one point but temps was crazy high

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  10. Can you say too much light? And yes, there is such a thing. Look it up.
  11. I use the viparspectra 450w LED lamp with independent Bloom and vegetation switches in my tent is about the same size as yours however I'm not in a basement so I can imagine in the winter that will be tough to keep it warm

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  12. Never said they wasn't I have 17 plants so it's not too much been growing 15 years I never started off with loads of lights just built up over the years

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  13. Thank you for the input. I went ahead and got a 400w cooltube, 2 plants under the mh in a 12g tote dwc, I already had a 4" exhaust w/carbon filter and ducting takes the hot air directly outside. I think my problem now is I have two different strains and one is out growing the other although the difference in growth seems (almost) relatively insignificant. I suppose that shall be revealed in the weeks to come.

    My LEDs are vegging 2 in ffof and 1 in Coco (my first Coco run).

    My assessment is that the (288w true) LEDs heat index compared to that of a 400w mh (I've yet to analyze the hps) is substantially antithetical. My LEDs at 18" away from canopy are creating an atmosphere of 76-82°f. On the same day at the same time, my MH with a distance of 32" from the canopy is creating an atmosphere of... yet again 76-82°f. My imagination (as well as forum GOSSIP!!!) led me to believe that such a distance (32") would certainly influence stretching, which, is completely false.

    Final synopsis: if ever in doubt, DO seek advice from ALL,... BUT(!) let none be greater than that of which comes from within.

    Arm Leg Leg Arm Head! GLG!
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  14. I am certainly glad that you made your decision and that you are happy with it I will say this a lot of people seem to keep focusing on how many true watts and led uses and that's all well and good but in the end what really matters is the par the watts is only a measurement of the amount of energy it draws from the wall but I am certainly happy that you made a decision that you like I think it's a wise decision because in the winter that cool tube will have an easier time keeping your tent warm congratulations on your new purchase and I will be popping in from time to time to track your progress good luck and make the world a Greener place

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  15. If I'm not mistaken a metal halide bulb gives off a blue white end of the spectrum so you shouldn't notice a whole lot of stretching using a metal halide. In under an HPS during the same veg you may notice more stretch due to the yellow red end of the spectrum during vegetation again I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that is what you were talking about.

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