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  1. I'm about to grab a new light for my tent I'm in the process of setting up. It's a 2x2x4.6ft. My original plan was the 450w, 2 plants with lst, but now I'm wondering if the 300w could cover that with a few cfls.
    My inline fan and carbon filter will be here tomorrow, so I'm going to purchase the light after setting those up. If anyone's used the viparspectra and has results or advice, or any other opinions on leds they like let me know.

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  2. I would go with the 450w. I would also look into a 3x3 if possible. 2x2 is small for 2 plants.

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  3. Go with the 450, it's a great light.
  4. Yeah I'm gonna get a bigger tent eventually and just use this one for starting a few out. I'm just limited on space for a few months so I'm gonna have to figure out a way to keep both in there. I'll go with the 450 for sure

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  5. I'm gonna end in 3 gallon smart pots. They're in 1 gallon now. I'm Hoping that with some lst or topping I can make them both work in that space

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  6. I am getting repetitive but...Look at the Meizhi 450 reflector..Better built, IR + UV, bloom and Veg switches and about $121 at Amazon or $106 at Ebay..;)
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  7. Also Supercropping is the shits..
  8. I'll take a look at that for sure. I've never read into super cropping. The viparspectra also has the veg and bloom switch but if you say this ones better and cheaper, I might have to take your word for it

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  9. Damn. The par on the Meizhi is almost double the viparspectra. But would that be to much for the 2x2 I have?

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  10. As I said..MUCH better value..
    I ran 2x Meizhis 450 reflectors in my 3x3..NO PROBS!!
    You could always raise the light up a bit if you need too.
    I made a Ghetto zip tie hanger to give me more headroom in my own this..(Shown is another Light I own, But you get the idea..)
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    Supercropped results..1st picture after the supercropping..2nd shot is afterwards..Like Whoooa.
    I beat her up daily! LMAO
    Lots of Utube vids on SC!!
    8-13-17 supercroped GDP#2.jpg 8-17-17 stacking.jpg
  12. Perfect idea! Ok the viparspectra is coming out of the cart and the 450 Meizhi is going in! Much appreciated !

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  13. My Pleasure..Also Meizhi has amazing Customer service..They answered my emails (from China) in under 24hrs..They also have USA stock (Calif I think).
    Check out those supercropping results I posted for you too!!:)
  14. Damn that looks great. Alright I'll have to get on board with that. I can make 2 fit in that tent for sure using that method, and you're light hack should come in handy down the line. I'll send you pictures once I get it all set up! I'm thinking my inline fan might be to strong for my tent though so I'm ordering a speed controller with the Meizhi as well:)

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  15. Will be waiting..Also If you buy from Amazon they offer additional protection for only a few dollarS more <$10 I think)
    With ALL Chinese lights..longer is better...Most use cheapo Epistar diodes and for some reason many Mars (the same Epistars) seem to burn out faster!

    enjoy AND GLAD I HELPED!!;)
  16. That's exactly what I did Amazon is my go to place for everything!

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    I own a few (LOL) LEDs..1x Nextlight Mini (over $450) + 1x Unitfarms UFO80 (over $400) and the 2x Meizhis..Although the expensive lights are fantastic.. I could buy a few Meizhis for the prices of those expensive lights..If I lose one (I got a 2 yr plan) no big deal..Been using mine since March (2 grows now) Flawless.!

    Here is a picture of my 1st grow using the 2 Meizhis (those bright things you see are a DIY LED Bulb mod I made for side lighting)..
    The Sasquatch cola on the right was the result of my not knowing about SC and topping..LMAO
    5-24-17  Before the Flush.jpg
  18. Yeah, but be careful..Amazon sometimes is more expensive than Ebay which I despise
  19. What size tent is that? I want to upgrade to a 4x4x7 so I can have 4 plants in the big tent and 4 getting ready in the small tent so the second I pull 4 out to harvest 4 more go in! That won't be for a few months though. I was just looking into the super cropping I will be doing that once my plants get bigger. When is a good time to do the first top? This is my first grow so I've had some problems. I started in slow release nitrogen soil and one has bad nitrogen toxicity but I'm actually transplanting today into the gallon smart pot with fox farm. These are my first two. The one in the smart pot has already been transplanted from the hot soil about 2 days ago and is holding up nice. The other you can see the yellowing of the leaves and twisting and clawing. I'm hoping I can save her after this transplant . I use mycorrhizal soluble when transplanting, a fresh spike and some in the watering. I want to start the topping process as soon as I can[​IMG][​IMG]

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  20. Right now since I don't have everything for my tent they're in a shower with black out curtain and some air intake through a vent. I have 4 100w cfls, 2 over each plant. The Meizhi 450, timer, inline fan, and nutrients and all that will be here Friday so I'm trying to have them healthy and ready for nutes before I get them in the tent

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