Viparspectra 900W reflector series

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by MsBudz_RN, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Get the rectangle version if you plan on adding a second light, I added 450 watt to my 900 for flower

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  2. [​IMG]
    Week 5 flower... I have a deficiency in one of em but the rest are coming along nicely.

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    The twelve in styro are thirteen days old, the ones just sprouting are 5 days old. I just put them under the Viparspectra about 16 hours ago (just like you MsBudz, didn't get the Vipar till week 2 lol). They got germinated under a crappy IKEA LED light and for the past four days they were getting lighting from a 1000W MH. I hope all these different lights don't stress the plants out.
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  4. Looks good! Those are a lot of babies dude, you might need 2nd area for the leftovers!

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  5. They are bag seed so good chance some are male, plus I didn't expect all of them to sprout haha. I plan to have 6 in this tent.

    I just had a light bulb idea, if you guys are down but a three way grow journal? We seem to all have the same setup and started seedlings around end of October.
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  6. Good grow but so far i dont think anything is beating the Cobs/Quantum Board setup. I know alot havnt got the candy "gram" yet.


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  7. What strain is that?
  8. Green Crack Fem off of some guy on cannabis seeds worldwide on Facebook.

    Imagine real Genetics.

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  9. Are you running Veg and flower lights, or just the veg?
  10. Looks really good, nice job, looks like the cob and quantums are a good combo. You are also giving them what they need other than light. What are the yellow things?
  11. I ran just the veg light for the first like 2 weeks. Once the seedlings got a little stronger, I started to run both.
  12. Ty. Yoyo hangers. For hanging heavy big colas. I do give silica too tho.

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  14. [​IMG]

    I’ve used both for the last few week and I’ve found the leds do help pack a lot of frost on them but the hps do give a tighter heavier bud but il not know till harvest but they’ve packed some weight on this last few week

    Auto ultimate hybrid light grow
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  15. Do you have just the "bloom" switch on? looks like half those diodes are out and only deep reds(bloom) are on. I would think it would be beneficial to leave both the veg and flower switch on during flower.

  16. [​IMG]
    These are mine 19 days into flower. Right side has the Vipar 900w and left side is a BESTVA 1000w.
    About to add a 630w cmh.

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