Vipar led, any good?

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  1. Hey I'm looking at getting a 300w or 400w Vipar led and was after reviews from people that have used them?
    Also if possible a comparison betweed Vipar and mars hydro would be great.
    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. I know mars hydro work, I had one. Check the spectrums I think the vipar has less wavelengths and the ones I've seen have 3w led's, the mars has 5w.
  3. Would I be better off getting say one with 60x 5w rather than 100x 3w? Sorry for the basic question but would it make much of a difference both being 300w?
  4. Theory is better light penetration from the 5w. Go for 100w per sq ft(50w power draw). And forget the hype about replacing 600w hps...etc, etc
  5. At the moment I've only got a150w mh and have limited space my tent is 160cm x 90cm x 60cm (sorry I don't know inches) and that's why I was thinking led, just so the heat etc is a bit easier to control. How much heat would a 400w hps emit in this area do you think? Just I thought it would run rather hot
  6. Its manageable. I run a 400w hps in the same size tent. You just need a good fan.
  7. I've decided to get a led, I've purchased the Vipar 300w and will use to veg 2 plants, I will also get another for flower if I'm happy with its performance, otherwise I'll most likely get either a 250w or 400w hps setup. Once the led arrives I will start a journal which I'd love for you all to follow just to see how it goes :)
    I've basically got the Vipar 300w, but its not brand/badged Vipar.
    So far used it for 3 grows and currently on my 4th & 5th grows.
    You should't need another light for flower they perform really well in veg and flower.
    Only thing I did with my LED was swap out the noisy fans for slient PC fans.
  9. Thanks heaps ginger! Out of curiosity was it hard to replace the fans? Also what size area do you grow in and how many plants do you get away with?
  10. Looking forward to it
    If you can rewire stuff it was pretty simple and the slient PC fans were cheap, makes massive difference too.
    The stock fans were just too noisy for me.
    My grow tent is 60" x 60" x 180", very small tent really it can fit x3 plants in there at a push.
    Currently have x2 plants growing in there.
  12. I use these for flower, 500 5w, I used them for veg in the beg while I waited on my girls to mature. I had to start growing all over again and using my HPS wasn't an option. The 300 3w for veg is fine, I have them, I just went with Mars Hydro just see how they were.
    Mine aren't noisy either btw, I ran them in a 5x5 for awhile but now they are in the basement since I moved.
  13. I own a vipar A300.

    Don't waste your time and money. it's shit!
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  14. I'm very intrested in the silent pc fan swap. But I'm nervous about playing with the electricals.

    Is it as easy as getting a fan with the same numbers but much quieter and plugging it into the light.

    Like a pc fan swap or something not that I've done that either but sure it'll be well coverd around Google for help.
  15. I have a mars hydro reflector 48 by the way and a quick app says it's around 45db next to the tent and 30db at my bed.

    Probably not loud enough to be heard next door tho but it's driving me mad. Crazy the mrs doesn't seem to mind it. But I do lol.
  16. Hey buddy, I really like this post because I'm looking into getting a mars hydro. I grow with cfl's and it takes forever to grow a plant. I have an autoflower that says it takes 8 to 9 weeks to finish. Do you think the mars 2 series 400 would grow the plant in 8 to 9 weeks.
  17. I've got a viparspectra reflector series 300 and I have no complaints. For a small tent grow you can't beat the price.
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  18. If looking for killer leds I'm loving the illumitex neosol ds
  19. I got the viperspectra reflector series 300 and am totally satisfied with my results. As a pretty new grower I can only compare to CFL Grows and HO T5 bulb grows as that's what Ive used successfully in the past. The vipar well surpasses flourecents. I can't speak on 250w MH/HPS OR 400W MH/HPS or any HID systems because Ive never used them.

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  20. Here's what two 300w lights and four plants got me. I'm happy.


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