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    post by me, from this thread.

    rmjl's response, from same thread.

    i am curious of details regarding this. is it mods/admins only? ia it available for those who are mature and follow the rules and seek a sub forum to talk to others without mindless posts by others who dont use search button, dont read through the entire thread before making their own post, cause unnecessary drama, post a thread that already exists, ect.
  2. I'm not sure what your point is. Not trying to be rude or anything, I just don't understand.
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    i am quite annoyed at the constant asking of questions answered multiple times in pandoras box. threads saying "how much xanax is too much", "what should i do while shrooming". yes these are questions that deserve answers but when theres a new thread every other day asking the same thing just by a different person it is annoying. this is a consistent phenomenon in marijuana rec, seasoned, medical marijuana, ect.

    it is quite annoying and yes i can just skip over these threads but i still would think it would be ideal if there was a vip sub forum. this would solve the problem of useless post/threads, negative vibes, rule breaking, drama, it would become just pure adult conversations.
  4. Like RMJL said, there is one.

    The best thing you can do to help get rid of that kind of stuff is to continue to report the posts. It works. You would honestly be surprised on how few reported posts we get for so many threads being such a problem for so many people.
  5. well technically stupidly isnt against the rules, right? i usually answer there questions, im getting good at quickly answering those kinds of questions cause i do them alot.:D.

    but when i thread is against the rules such as MANY drug, yet non-marijuana, related threads in general. i will always post, "threads regarding substances besides marijuana belong in pandoras box". dont know how much this helps tho? anyway just to much of a hassle sometimes, overwhelming you know? o well ill continue reporting, i always report to rmjl, should i just report to any mod tho?
  6. Use the report button. It's located to the right of the rep button.
  7. Time is one thing that's considered. We have a lot of old school stoners in there. Members that were here when all of this first started or soon thereafter. Maturity counts and contribution to the City...things like that. I don't think we have anyone in there that joined after 2006. SJ and I are the ones that give members access to the VIP Lounge...however, I sometimes ask the Mods and Super Mods to "nominate" members.

    I think we've had a huge wave of immaturity hit the City and, hopefully, once school has started all over the world again :)p), some of it will die down. If not, we'll take care of it. It may be time to clean house, anyway.

    Reporting posts is the best way to alert us to certain issues. We can't read every thread and we can't be here 24/7. When you guys report posts, it really helps a lot. :)
  8. only the cool kids get in
  9. What if I hook up some oreo's? Or a snackpack? Am I cool then?

  10. how does homemade waffles for everyone sound

  11. Fuck snackpacks and waffles..... I grill steaks :D

    I hope some of this idiocy dies down soon........ ugh.

  12. I must be as cool as Miles 2008 :(

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