Violent accident, I have questions.

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    So, last year towards Autumn, I bought a 1999 BMW 5-series for 9,000 in cash, liability insurance. I recently was cruising some country roads coming back from a party, I ended up hitting a slickly curved bend going 145 MPH, my friend in the backseat started screaming while I was basically drifting into the other lane, so I instinctually kicked down to my brake, knowing I made a huge mistake. We instantly started to fish-tail, hitting a ten-foot high ditch, getting a massive amount of air, spiraling violently, literally doing front flips head-over-heel. Then, we proceeded to do some rolling, when we finally stopped, ending up in the middle of a field. The injuries weren't severe, although my one friend wasn't wearing a seatbelt and ended up in the FRONT SEAT, with head gashes. Everybody basically only had whip-lash and minor cuts, some strained muscles and bruising, LUCKILY we didn't collide with the telephone poles. But, unfortunately, the car was completely totalled beyond recognistion, flattened around the points of impact. So, I quickly managed to find my sack of greenery, hiding it for later in a scrap heap of fence parts. Then, we disorientedly decided to flag down a motorist, which then the ambulance arrived, taking us off on stretchers. My question is, if I reported it stolen, would I of been able to get a refund. Remember, I only had liability insurance, which only covers other drivers damages.
  2. That is a horrible idea... That is called insurance fraud, and If you don't have the coverage you won't get any Money anyway... See if the insurance company will fix it
  3. Lol insurance fraud indeed, I pay 66$ a month for full coverage, E-surance. Look into it. Sorry about your car.
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    Yeah, I was too cheap I guess, should if invested in full coverage for sure. But, I figured it was insurance fraud, I would of still of took the risk though, if it would of succeeded.

    BTW to people who are PMing me saying thats messed up, relax, I was obviously concerned about my friends.
  5. Hate to say it but you deserve to be out the 9k. That was so stupid driving 145mph on a public road to be honest. I have my share of speeding tickets, but that IMO is just blatent stupidity. I really hope you are not able to buy a car for a while, you may actually learn a lesson.:rolleyes:

    It's obvious you weren't concerned about anyone in the car going that speed. LOL
  6. You deserve it.

  7. My friends are adrenaline junkies, they weren't bothered at all. Except the kid who got thrown around like a pin-ball, he was mad.
  8. enjoy your daily cockmeat sandwiches when you tell them it was stolen and they find out you lied.:wave:
  9. I said I was contemplating it, after the accident I asked my friends, decided not to.
  10. just because your adrenaline junkies doesn't mean you have to break the law, go rock climbing, go skydiving, go play football but don't do stupid shit that could ruin your life and other peoples lives around you.
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    Well, obviously the almost dying in a car accident part wasn't intended, but shit happens broski. You learn from the lessons in life, after the car wrecked, I stashed my bud under a broken-down fence. We got them chiefed after, its all good bruh.
  12. If you guys are hardcore adrenaline junkies, go endanger your life at your own leisure
    and not on public roads where you can kill someone.

  13. crashing at 145 MPH. You should be dead.
  14. Relax, it was like 3:00 AM.
  15. But we lived, all had seatbelts except for one kid.
  16. dude even if you had full coverage they wont pay if you drive that much above the limit ( gross negligence?!)

    p.s.: is your friend suicidal? i dont get it why people dont wear seatbelts ... if your airbag comes out and you dont fasten your seatbelt you can allready die @25mph -.-
  17. haha I can just picture OP

    He totals his car, almost kills his friends. But it's all good, I still got weed lulz lulz lulz

    It's probably a good time to recheck your priorities, OP
  18. I'm pretty sure they believed we swirved because of a deer, not certain though lol.
  19. It was the most intense and terrifying experience we've ever been apart of, it was like being born again, time freezes. I wasn't really thinking clearly, I was sort of in shock/concussed.

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